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When it comes to giving your puppy a clean and safe place to play, as well as room to grow, the MidWest Puppy Playpen Dog Crate with raised floor grid is a winner hands down!

This unique MidWest puppy dog crate features an elevated grid flooring that allows dust, hair, and even those occasional puppy "tinkles" to pass through. Below the flooring is a durable plastic catch pan that can be easily removed for cleaning. Also included is a convenient cover for covering the gap between the elevated dog crate floor and the catch pan. The elevated flooring of the MidWest playpen is completely adjustable, allowing you to provide your puppy with more room as it grows. This wire dog crate features a sleek double-nickel chrome-plating finish, and can be folded flat for convenient storage.

With an airy design and sturdy drop-pin rod corners, this unique dog crate offers rigid stability, safety, and comfort all in one!

3'x4' Dog Playpen with floor. Portable Versatile by kennelmaster - Etsy

Also, most portable dog kennels for sale these days have a detachable floor. This, and the fabric material used in the walls makes cleaning the playpen much easier than a crate. You can use a regular sponge or cloth with some common cleaning product to simple wipe it clean, or even give it a more thorough wash, if you so wish.

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Dog Playpen With Floor‎ I was first shopping on Amazon for a puppy playpen bc I wanted something that was adjustable, would elevate my puppies, keep them out of contact with their pee and poop, and easy to clean. The reviews on the other brands were so bad, I was afraid to invest in them. I saw excellent reviews on this one and the price was even better, so I tried it. I love it! It folds up flat and easy! I did secure the floor with 2 zip ties bc I had read in a review of a different brand that a puppy could get his foot stuck. This didn't seem likely, but better safe than sorry. My puppies are vastly more confident than being in a normal/not elevated crate. It's super easy to feed, get them out and clean everything. My other dogs were obnoxious when I had paper in the pan trying to get to the dropped food. We put pine shavings in it and that solved the issue, plus it smells great. I give a solid 5 stars for great quality, usefulness and all at a great price!!!

Richell Convertible Indoor/Outdoor Pet Playpen Floor Tray Accessory.

This is a very difficult question to answer. A dog playpen with floor model would weigh more than your standard dog indoor playpen. Weights vary drastically depending on design, too. A heavy duty pen can weigh as much as 50 pounds.

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The basic playpen comes with four plastic panels. These molded plastic panels are heavy duty and easy to clean. A single door is included on one the panels and allows you to easily let your dog or puppy in or out of the pen. The bottom of the pen has non-skid rubber feet to protect flooring.A usual problem, with even the best pet folding play pens, is that they have a removable bottom or floor that attaches to the pen with Velcro. Velcro can be a weak spot, especially for the craftier dogs & puppies. Most people buy the portable dog pens for outside so they get to play with the dogs or as an ex pen for dogs & puppies, and also safely secure them in their doggie playpen when they want some time out for themselves.