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In short order, Bat-Hound met the other members of the burgeoning Batman family, notably () and (). At one point, in fact, the other-dimensional imp bequeathed Ace with Krypto-level super-powers, but a side-effect of the spell made Bat-Hound susceptible to the commands of others—including criminals. After realizing that he'd made Ace the pawn of a gang of thieves, Bat-Mite restored the dog to normal.

My dog Ace the wonder dog playing the park in Waterville, Maine after his new summer haircut.

This is the blog from Sandy and the rest of the ACE instructors. We post on ACE and everything agility and of course training, owning and loving dogs! Feel free to join the conversation! You can also check out our —where our students post their training and trailing brags.

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Life Stages ACE dog crates offer excellent security and an outstanding value: We understand your pet’s safety and comfort are important and that’s why Ace Hardware offers a range of pet beds, cages and houses for pets of all sizes and types. From small dogs and cats that like to curl up indoors in the warmth of a fuzzy bed, to large dogs who prefer to spend their time outdoors and need something to protect them from the elements, we have what your pet needs.

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Each dog in the program is carefully selected based on temperament and airport suitability. The dogs roam the terminals wearing vests that read “Pet Me”. In a time of heightened security that has made airports stressful places for many, the Wag Brigade has made a soothing difference for passengers and airport employees alike. When Jackie is not busy decreasing stress levels at the airport, she visits Stanford University and San Francisco State University to help students relax during exams.

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This is where the fun begins! Our 18 week obstacle training course is the place to start your journey. Dogs will learn how to jump, climb, weave and run through tunnels! The way Ace Dog Sports approaches obstacle training will also strengthen your dogs everyday recall and stay! You will learn the training habits that all good dog trainers have, making communicating with your dog easier in all areas of your life. Cost for the 18 week program is $555.00 or you can be billed $225.00 every 6 weeks (series would then cost $675.) Purchase the 18 week package and save $120. Classes are limited to 12 dogs and are 1.5 hours long. NO refunds for schedule conflicts, illness or injury to dog or handler, unmanageable lack of control or aggression. Dogs do need to have basic obedience commands (come when called and a sit or down stay) Not sure? Call or email us for some doggie career counseling or come by and watch a class!
NO REACTIVE OR AGGRESSIVE DOGSThe fun continues! Once the dogs have learned to perform the obstacles they are ready to put it all together and navigate courses. The fine art of directing your dog using specialized cues for the sport of agility will be mastered here. Handlers will face new training and handling challenges every week as the course is never the same! Class is designed to be modified for both the over and under achievers. Classes are 1 to 1.5 hours long and cost $185.00 every six weeks.