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Animal shelters take in animals with widely varying backgrounds, some of whom have not been previously vaccinated. Inevitably, despite the best efforts of shelter workers, viruses can be spread and may occasionally go home with adopted animals. If you already have dogs or cats at home, make sure they are up-to-date on their shots and in good general health before introducing your new pet dog.

We have lots of amazing dogs available for adoption. Your new best friend may be one of them.

Do not go straight home. Take your new dog for a nice long walk, longer than normal as he will have extra energy he will need to burn off. Walking him as soon as you leave the pound is best. If this is not possible, then drive somewhere you can take him for a walk. You will also need to walk your own neighborhood or surrounding area if you don't have a neighborhood, showing them this new area. You are mimicking the migration instinct in the dog. Driving in the car is not going to do this for the dog. He must walk, heeling on the lead. If you just adopted a small dog do not carry the dog. . He may be small but he is still a canine animal with the same instincts. If you own other dogs you need to walk all of the dogs together, heeling on the lead without pulling before you bring the new dog home in order to establish them as one pack.

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What other recommendations do you have for introducing a new adopted dog to your existing dog? Most importantly, do your best to leave your emotions at the door. You will have plenty of time to bond with your new dog once you've brought him home and incorporated him into your family. For his sake and yours, try not to let the environment of the shelter and the weight of the decision influence you to adopt a dog. Dog rescues can be heart-breaking places if your thoughts are focused on the fate of every single dog present. It’s crucial for you to choose the right dog, and not just one that you feel sorry for. Feeling pity for a homeless dog won't benefit him or you in the long run.

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Let’s review. Most of the common mistakes well-meaning adopters make when bringing home their new dogs have to do with lack of boundaries and structure. We cannot stress the importance of starting your relationship with your new dog with these things in mind. It takes a few months to start getting to know a new dog. Put in the management up front to avoid the pitfalls that lead to so many dogs being returned to the shelter.

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There are many advantages to adopting an adult dog. You already know the size andthe disposition of your pet, something not known of a puppy. However, you do notknow your pet's past. You do not know if he is housebroken or trained. He hashad to adjust to different situations so it is imperative you be patient with your new petand let him know and understand your patterns.– Keep your schedule free for several days after your adoption, and avoid inviting lots of people over to your house. Even though everyone will be excited to meet the new family member, your dog needs time and a calm environment to adjust to his new home.