Advantage II Once-A-Month Topical Small Dog Flea Treatment

This page contains general information about Advantage flea control®, commonly prescribed by veterinarians as a highly-effective, rapid, monthly, spot-on flea control product for cats and dogs. This page contains information on how Imidacloprid (the active ingredient of Advantage flea treatment) works; info on how to use Advantage flea medicine and information on the safety and efficacy of the Advantage flea control product. For added completeness, further information is also provided about Imidacloprid the insecticide (as used on crops and orchards).

Advantage II Once-A-Month Topical Extra Dog Flea Treatment

3) The last thing you need is the flea spot treatment. This really is up to you. Everyone has their own preferences. I am currently using K9 Advantix II because it works for fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks on my dogs and Frontline plus for my cat. For extra large dogs a 6 month supply is around . (Warning: Do not use K9 Advantix on cats, it can cause illness even death on cats) You can click on images below to go directly to the page on Amazon. Here are the three most popular and in my opinion most effective ones.

Advantage II Once-A-Month Topical Extra Dog Flea Treatment

Advantage II Once-A-Month Topical Medium Dog Flea Treatment Veterinary Therapeutics in 2000, looked at the "Efficacy of imidacloprid on dogs and cats with natural infestations of fleas, with special emphasis on flea hypersensitivity." A large population of dogs and cats (some 3272 animals) with flea allergy dermatitis skin lesions were given Advantage flea control topically, in accordance with directions. The study found that fleas were killed rapidly and that animals were prevented from being reinfested by fleas for at least 28 days following the single dose. Some animals were washed and even shampooed during the study without this affecting the efficacy of the treatment (I would still exercise caution if using soapy shampoos though) and all animals showed improvement in their clinical flea allergy signs regardless of living conditions (e.g. flea burden in the environment), coat type or body size. The study showed Advantage flea control to be highly beneficial in helping to treat animals with flea allergy dermatitis.

Advantage® II Over 55 lbs Dog Flea & Lice Treatment

Advantage® Treatment Shampoo for Dogs and Puppies is an unscented shampoo that is for the treatment of fleas and ticks. Do not repeat treatment for 7 days. Do not use on puppies under 12 weeks.

Advantage II Once-A-Month Topical Flea Treatment for Dogs ..

Advantage flea treatment is a monthly topical medication that’s used to control flea infections in dogs. Although there are several medications that are formulated for the same purpose, Advantage flea treatment is highly recommended by most vets. Advantage Multi contains a combination of insecticide (imidacloprid) and endectocide (moxidectin). Advantage Multi for Dogs is used for the prevention of heartworm disease and the treatment and control of flea infestations, hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, and sarcoptic mange in dogs. Advantage Multi for Cats is used for the prevention of heartworm disease and the treatment and control of flea infestations, roundworms, hookworms, and ear mites in cats. Advantage Multi for Cats is now also the first and only product indicated to kill adult fleas, treat flea infestations, and prevent heartworm disease in ferrets.