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Looking for a high quality, grain-free dog food that is great for dogs, no matter their breed and age? If so, we think you will love ! They are the only alkaline based dog food in America that is designed to not only take care of your dog’s nutritional needs, but also formulated to be easily digestible. Among other things, this settles digestive upset, reduces itching, scratching, shedding, and even helps with hot spots. It also has its own proprietary blend including a fermentation culture that provides a potent probiotic once it is in your dog’s belly, making digestion even easier. As well, with digestion being easier, your dog is better equipped to absorb and use the nutrition offered in the food. In other words, with the higher caloric content of this food, less goes in and out of your dog, making walkies easier on you!

Canine Caviar Free Spirit Limited Ingredient Alkaline Holistic Dog Food

In addition to the vegetables listed above, your dog’s body will benefit from a raw food diet that includes bones and organ and muscle meat. You can supplement the meat with greens, such as kale, parsley, romaine, spinach or spirulina algae, to further boost its alkaline level.

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“The First and Only Alkaline Dog Food, Canine Caviar is a true Holistic Pet Food Company We think the Canine Caviar kibbles look like good foods. We like the meat proteins as first ingredients and we like the single complex carbohydrates. We also like the consistency of the other ingredients in the formulas. It should be easy to rotate among formulas if you like to change your dog’s proteins. We have some doubts about the alkaline diet but, luckily, it’s not necessary to be a believer to feed the food or see good results with your dog’s health. The canned foods would be good as supplements or treats but we remind you, once again, that these are not complete diets or meals.

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Want to know where you can purchase this awesome food for your favorite dog? You can buy Canine Caviar’s holistic Alkaline based dog food at many well known reputable stores and . To see if a pet store near you sells this fantastic food, check out the Canine Caviar !

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Our pets, if they could talk would be asking for different food and water. Pets are looking for the same nutrients we are for vitality. Now although in most cases, changing your animals diet would be ideal, by adding supplementation to their water and feed you’ve made a great start to improving the longevity and quality of your pets life.

To learn more about the best way to help your pet through acid/alkaline imbalance please contact us at www.. Your pet is worth it!

Pet Protocols are as follows:

1) Natural Aluminum Free Sodium Bicarbonate Blend 1-3 tsps to 1 liter of water

2) Montmorillonite Clay: 1 tablespoon to 1 liter of water or feed

4) Acai Antioxidant whole food drink: 1-2 ounces with feed or water 1-2 x per day

5) Powdered Greens/Grasses; 1 tablespoon per liter of water or feed

6) Magnesium Oxide Powder - 1-3 teaspoons per 12 ounces of water

These protocols can be used for most pet animals including cats, dogs and horses to bolster their alkaline buffering system and bring their body into proper balance and optimal energy, vitality and health..

please feel free to email us with questions or to schedule a consultation regarding your pet.It would also make sense that if the body’s pH is acidic, then the growth of cancer cells and tumors would be encouraged. By eating mostly foods that make the body’s pH more alkaline, there would be less of a chance for cancer cells to develop and grow. So, by adjusting the diet, it is actually possible to create a less hospitable environment for cancer cells, thus improving a person’s/dog’s chances of experiencing good health.