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Natural premium dog food is more nutritious, provides protein from meat sources, and has a greater caloric value than lower quality brands. Most of the ingredients are used by your dog's body resulting in less waste and smaller stools. You'll really appreciate this when cleaning up the yard after your Great Dane:)

Here’s a list of some of the cheapest all natural dog food brands on the market:

Top dog food brands use real meat in the food's recipe. The companies also usually avoid using harsh chemical preservatives, and instead utilize natural methods to preserve the food. The best dog food brands also avoid using by-products which offer no nutritional value and are instead just a 'filler' that can be harmful to the dog's long term health.

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Jump directly to current prices, reviews & more information about these cheap all natural dog food brands: This unique dog food is made from a blend of freeze-dried chicken, fruits, and vegetables. This is one of the best natural dog food brands because it is all natural, grain-free, non-GMO and has no preservatives! This dog food from Grandma Lucy's is easy to prepare. You just need to rehydrated with warm water prior to serving.

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Coming in second on our list of the best natural dog food brands, this product from Sojos is made in the USA using small batch baking. All of the ingredients are considered human quality. Although the bag is 8 pounds, it actually makes 40 pounds of prepared dog food, making the price far more reasonable for most!

Grain-Free Potato & Duck Dog Food.