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Our American Rawhide Knot Bones Dog Chews are handcrafted bones that will satisfy your dog's instinct to chew while it helps reduce tartar and plaque build-up on teeth. The natural style of these dog chews have the taste your dog knows and loves. The hide used for these bones is really thick and wrapped tight, so the bones are heavy and long lasting. This expressly decreases the number of chewing casualties at many pet homes! All natural and no artificial preservatives. Give your dog an American Rawhide Knot Bone Dog Chew today and watch as he or she becomes completely consumed with devouring it, licking their chops long after the chew is gone, hoping for another taste of the meaty goodness.

Always choose a good quality rawhide treat that doesn't contain too many additives such as American rawhide for dogs

Not even the worst rawhide manufacturer overseas uses arsenic or formaldehyde to make rawhide chews. First, neither one of those chemicals contributes anything to the final product. Second, those chemicals are too expensive to use anyway. How did this myth get started? Twenty-five years ago, a Chinese company decided to make rawhide chews. They put their wet hide products in the sun to dry. The flies had a field day. The plant manager ordered his employees to spray the treats with fly spray. Want to guess what was in the spray? Sadly, many American dogs died as a result. But it wasn’t the result of poison ingredients, just stupidity.

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71 results - Pet Factory American Rawhide Braid. From: $4.49. Pet n Shape Rib Bone Dog Treat. $1.79. Pur Luv Sizzlin Strips Chicken/Swt Potato for Dogs. American rawhide for dogs is considered to be some of the best quality raw hide for pets on the market today. There is good reason for this but what exactly is the evidence to back up these claims?

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Firstly you need to understand a little about the process that is used to produce the rawhide treats that are so popular with pets, especially dogs. You will then better understand why American rawhide for dogs is the best.

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As a small, family-owned American business, Wholesome Hide and its owner have made rawhide treats for dogs for nearly 30 years. Wanting to maintain a hard-earned reputation for producing safe, healthy rawhide chews, the company has always sourced its products exclusively from the USA and has never substituted or “mixed in” import product, even when supplies of USA beef hide were hard to come by. Periodically, myths and wild stories about rawhide treats make the rounds online and are sometime taken as “universal truth.” Many of these stories may have some basis in fact as they pertain to import rawhide treats, but are NOT true of USA-sourced, USA-made chews. We have attempted to address some of the myths and realities so that dog parents can make up their own minds and not be unduly influenced by people who claim to be experts but obviously know very little about how rawhide treats are actually made.I must say this article from WDJ really disturbs me. I am NOT a fan of rawhide and I can't imagine supporters of WDJ would be either. So this article starts off with "I wouldn't eat plastic for any number of reasons, and I don't allow my dog to chew up and swallow bits of plastic-based chew toys, either. Animal-based chews seem more natural, but some (especially things like pigs' ears) are dried to a level of brittleness that seems to invite internal injuries when the shards are crunched into small pieces and swallowed. It hurts my throat just thinking about it!" a very smart statement in my opinion which brings me to my first question... if you wouldn't allow your loved one to eat plastic why would you allow them to eat leather? Rawhide is made of the hide (skin) of animals, much like the shoes we wear. Unlike bullysticks, rawhide is not digestible. This means that if your dog swallows a piece of rawhide (like they all do), you are taking the chance that the rawhide could sit in their body until it makes its way through their body to be passed. In addition rawhide expands at an alarming rate which is why most dogs may not have problems when they initially ingest a piece but several hours later after it expands symptoms present themselves. To test this stick a piece of rawhide in a bowl of water and watch it grow. My second question has to do with the way this stuff is processed.. the article itself says "Rawhide: The inner layer - Finally, we'll talk about what happens at the rawhide dog chew manufacturing facility. In simple terms, the rawhide is washed; sanitized; etc..."??? Sanitized huh ... the article does follow up with these two statements that disturb me..."Sanitizing" in this case generally means some time in a bath of hydrogen peroxide." Then the statement that follows ""Made in the USA"
The freshness factor alone is a good reason to try to buy American-made rawhide chews for your dog. But it's also true that it's less likely that illegal or toxic chemicals are used in the products' manufacturing if the products are made in the United States.".. What gets me is that it says less likely... So on top of being a leather product, it contains or is ONLY less likely to contain harmful chemicals... and if you do not think peroxide or a chemical wash is harmful I challenge you to ingest some on your own free will...

I don't understand why any pet owner would consciously give their pet a product not meant for digestion that has been possibly washed in a chemical solution for a treat, and the article in my opinion was a horrible choice for this publication. I am just not on board with Rawhide and never will be.