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To treat mild tear staining, many vets/breeders treat tear stain with oral antibiotics. The most prevalent antibiotic used initially is Tylan Soluble Powder. Tylan powder is an antibiotic that is not commonly used with dogs. This is helpful, as most dogs will not have built up immunity to this antibiotic. It can be dissolved in their drinking water or be given orally daily. Different people use different doses. I would talk to your vet to find the correct recommended dosage. Tylan is a very mild antibiotic that has a secondary benefit of being useful in the treatment and prevention of some gastro-intestinal infections that can be picked up at dog shows or other places with many dogs present. Although safe for dogs of all ages (except nursing puppies, mothers in whelp or nursing, and dogs on other medications), I would not recommend using it continuously. One side effect that has been reported concerning continuous use of Tylan is falsely elevated liver enzyme levels. A dog would have to be taken off of Tylan for at least a month and be retested to have accurate liver enzyme levels. Some recommend that a dog should given at least a week off every 3 weeks, to be on the safe side. There are many products, like Angel Eyes and Angels Glow etc., available that use Tylan as the base of their treatment. The effectiveness of these products has been reported with varying results.

Angels' Eyes Natural Chicken Formula Tear Stain Remover Supplement Powder for Dogs

With Angels' Eyes Natural Tear Stain Soft Chews and Powders, your precious pet can get relief the easy way—with a treat. These anti-tear stain solutions are designed to eliminate those reddish-brown tear and mouth stains from the inside out, and they're safe for both cats and dogs.

Angels' Eyes Natural Soft Chew Tear Stain Remover, Pack of 120 chews

Angels' Eyes Natural Tear Stain Powder is specifically developed for dogs & cats for unsightly tear stains from the inside out! Made in the USA. Read More. Angels’ Eyes Plus for Dogs is great for both shedding and non-shedding breeds of dogs and is even safe for cats. This bottle contains 75 grams of the powder and is made here in the USA to ensure its quality. Provide your pooch with a powder that prevents tear stains from the inside out and order a bottle of this natural formula today!

Angels' Eyes Natural Chicken Formula Tear Stain Remover ..

Dogs and cat get tear stains – dark discolored areas around the eyes – because of discharge from the eyes. Not only are tear stains unsightly, but they can also cause irritation and odor. Angels’ Eyes Natural eliminates existing tear stains and prevents new stains from forming. This unique nutritional supplement works from the outside in, binding with the compounds in the body that create the stains. You should see results in 3-5 weeks. Angels’ Eyes does not contain Tylosin. Instead it’s formulated with natural ingredients including cranberry powder, grape root, and marshmallow root. It’s easy to use too! Just sprinkle the correct dosage on your pet’s food. The powder contains 100% freeze-dried chicken liver so pets love the taste.

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