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Silver is a natural and powerful antibiotic agent and speeds healing in wounds and infections. Colloidal Silver has excellent antiseptic, anti-fungal and disinfectant properties and can be found in tincture, gel caps, or water form at almost any health food store. You will need to give your dog 10 drops of colloidal silver in each ear, once per day throughout the duration of the infection. This remedy can be used on mild to severe cases and is helpful for dog’s that also have open wounds in their ears caused by scratching during the infection.

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Apple Cider Vinegar is a powerful antibacterial agent and can be used undiluted, just as long as your dog does not have any lesions or open wounds in the ears. If your dog does have a few open wounds in the ear, you can dilute the apple cider vinegar with distilled water. It is highly important that you do not use apple cider vinegar as it no longer contains the medicinal properties that can heal an ear infection. Organic apple cider vinegar has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties (primarily from the acetic acid and malic acid in apple cider vinegar). Whether you need to dilute the apple cider vinegar or not, you will need to place up to ten drops into the ears. You will need to do this once per day for at least two weeks. Apple cider vinegar can become a part of the daily routine as it is safe and combats against bacteria growth in the ears. This is especially recommended for dogs that suffer from chronic ear infections.

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22 results - Guaranteed Low Price On Multiple Brand Of Ear Antibacterial, Antifungal Medication And Drops For Dogs I foster for a rescue group and have adopted a few of my own, one of which has severe food and environmental allergies. She is on a vegetarian diet, which is grain-free, and we manage her symptoms pretty well. Her yeast infections will flare up and I'll know she's been sneaking into the other dogs food, although this doesn't happen very often. When it does, she will have the yeast infection developing in her ears and the BEST solution I have found is a mixture of Gentian Violet Solution, Boric Acid and Witch Hazel astringent. It's a 16 oz bottle of the witch hazel, 4 Tbsp of boric acid and 16 drops of the gentian violet. I keep this in a jar and will use a dropper to put it into her ear and massage well, then dab with a tissue and repeat once. Do this only a few times a week and the ears clear up perfectly. I also use it on my pekingese that has a very narrow ear canal and always has irritaion in her ear. The gential violet is anti-viral, anti-fungal and a natural antibiotic. The boric acid soothes the inflammed tissue and the witch hazel reduces swelling. It does not burn like isopropol alcohol will. I have used this for many years and have many friends that now use it as well. It is a 'violet' colored solution and will stain your clothing if you get it on yourself. It will eventually fade away off the fur.

It contains antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral agents

Treatment dependson the underlying condition and should be in consultation witha veterinarian. If caught early, ear infections in dogs can be easilytreated. Treatment options range from prescription antibiotics orantifungal agents, ear cleansers and natural ear drops. Veterinariansoften add a glucocorticoid such as prednisone, which can help reduceinflammation and improve the speed of healing. Do not apply anycleanser or treatment before speaking to a veterinarian and avoidalcohol based products, as these can be irritating."

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