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Since I had not ever purchased deer antlers for my dogs I figured it was not a big deal (being told that we could not give our dogs antlers). However, I wanted to let everyone here on the blog know that there was a concern and I was hoping to hear your feed back thus I wrote the initial post. Lucky for me we have an active audience that responded to our deer antlers blog post and left me some wonderful comments, answers, emails, and additional questions.

It’s a fun challenge for dogs to gnaw the edges of the antler to get at the marrow

All dogs will enjoy chewing on the variety of shapes and flavors Prairie Dog has to offer. Deer antlers provide a great taste for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Prairie Dog antlers are North American antlers that are naturally shed or harvested. The antlers are Grade A and B, meaning they are the highest quality product on the market today. Prairie Dog utilizes an 11 step quality control process to ensure your dog is receiving the best and safest antlers on the market. Remember to always supervise your pet while using antler treats.

Before You Buy Other Antlers for Dogs, Please Read!!!

i’m so glad your dogs love antlers, Preacher will chew on them but the big dogs don’t Antlers are one of the only chews I deem safe for my dogs, however they are definately a danger to my health when I step on one of them in the middle of the floor at night. Most painful thing in the world, I swear! I get Jumbo Elk Antlers for my 2 English Mastiffs, they seem to last much longer than white tail or moose antlers.

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But there is an inherent problem with using antler velvet supplements – especially if you’re an animal lover. While naturally shed antlers are great chew toys and teeth cleaners for dogs, antler velvet isn’t processed in the same way. Though methods vary from using anesthetic to going “drug-free,” the fact is that the antler is removed before hardening and being shed naturally. And while many supplements companies do state their velvet is humane and cruelty-free – and some even go as far as stress-free – it’s hard to imagine any animal enjoying having a part of their body cut off. But the companies beg to differ.


It wasn’t until Eko had the antler for nearly a year that I first heard rumblings about antlers potentially being dangerous for a dog’s teeth/gums. I immediately checked in with my vet, who noted Eko’s teeth looked great. Eko was delighted he got to keep his favorite chew treat.Antlers certainly aren’t for every dog (especially overly-aggressive chewers) but for many pups antlers are an excellent substitute for the traditional dog bone.That said, it is very possible for dogs to injure themselves with antlers. There are two main factors to consider – one, how hard your dog chews, and two, how hard the antler is. If you’re interested in buying an antler for your pup I recommend avoiding the pet store, where you’re likely to find older/tougher antlers.Natural & organic, Safe, long lasting antler dog chews … better then rawhide bones or any other chew on the market! Have you heard of our ? Its the best dog chew on the market! Buy the number one antler dog chew on the market direct from the company that started it all!