doughnuts are mainly sugar and flour

Dogs Are Krispy Kreme donuts bad for dogs?, My german shepherd loves Krispy Kreme donuts. The regular kind with just the frosting. I give him about 5 of them a day, and he seems to be satisfied and ...

dogs don't digest food exactly the same as us

No, it is not okay for dogs to eat donuts. They are high in fat, cholesterol and sodium — all of which are bad for dogs in high quantities. On top of that, some donuts contain caffeine and chocolate, which are toxic to dogs.

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Dogs are omnivores who have co-evolved with humans to survive on the food waste that .. And that’s exactly my point. There is research done on foods that are bad, but they don’t bother to do research on ones that are not a problem. People just use them and no one reports that it killed their dog, because it didn’t. As far as therapeutic dosing of turmeric and ginger, they are used in the same dosages as they are for people. A 100 lb dog would be given a full dose, a 50 lb dog would be given a half dose, a 25 lb dog would be given a quarter dose. If you need a paper to prove it, good luck. They may be out there, but I haven’t seen them. Sometimes you can find some research done on people, but that doesn’t mean it applies to dogs, especially if good science matters to you.

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I give my dogs vinegar every single day. Raw vinegar with the mother is not only not bad, it’s good for them. Any vinegar is just fine. And fermented veggies are good for dogs too. I don’t know what else goes into red cabbage, but if it’s salty, then keeping their portion small is a good idea.

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