DIY: The Awesomest Easiest Auto-filling Water Bowl for DOGS & CATS!

All of the bowls above are made with special consideration to outdoor conditions. Some are made for outdoor crates, or snow conditions, or have automatic water refill in case you leave your dog in the backyard during the day. But sometimes just an old fashioned stainless steel water bowl works best.

PUPPY BUCKETS: The Automatic Re-Filling Dog Water Bowl. $59.95, via Etsy.

he best auto fill dog water bowl is ideal for pets that love to drink fresh running water and are always thirsty, or otherwise forget to keep themselves hydrated. Automatic pet water bowls, also called dog water fountains, are very convenient for us pet owners as well, providing a solution for bowl tippers and households with large or multiple dogs. There are a lot of models to choose from and they all have their pros and cons, so let's take a closer look.

Awesome Auto-Filling Water Bowl For Dogs & Cats

PUPPY BUCKETS: The Automatic Re-Filling Dog Water Bowl. $59.95, via Etsy.
An automated system designed for use as an indoor or outdoor dog fountain. The PetSafe bowl automatically refills to a 1.5 gallon capacity when connected to a water hose. Packaged with a replaceable carbon filter this indoor/outdoor bowl also has a built in circulator to improve aeration and filter dirt and debris. The free flowing stream encourages dogs to drink more water.

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The is a great alternative. It’s an automatic filling bowl that attaches to a faucet, so your dog is always supplied with fresh water. It is equipped with a fast-fill float valve that can replenish the water in the dish faster than your dog can drink it. The float valve will keep the water flowing while your do is drinking, but when he stops it will fill the bowl and automatically shut off.

8, Aqua Buddy Auto Fill Outdoor Dog Water Bowl, Check the Price.

A compact easy to clean automatic filling water bowl with interior water line kit and 25' of hoseStop that daily chore of filling and cleaning your dogs water bowl with this easy to clean Auto Filling water bowlThe Critter Cooler pet watering station provides your best friend(s) clean water for days from the FDA approved 3.5, 5.0 or 6.5 gallon container. Rolling on 3” locking wheels Critter Cooler fills from the top and automatically gravity feeds a 64oz front bowl. Easy to fill and easy to clean the Critter Cooler packs quick for travel and comes with a lifetime warranty. A favorite among dog rescues, breeders, daycares and kennels , Critter Coolers are now available to your canine condo or puppy palace.The holds 2.5 gallons of water. Just flip it down and the bowl section fills with water, automatically refilling as your dogs drink. It will continue to refill until the reservoir is empty. When your dogs are done, flip it back up and all the unused water will drain back into the storage reservoir. The , which holds up to 1.5 gallons of water, works in a similar manner.This system is designed to clean dog water in between sips (and slurps).
In a environment, dogs come and go all the time, making a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Just like children in school, dogs often come home from with an upset stomach or a sore throat. Kennel cough is very common in s and dog parks, and although it's primarily spread by coughing a secondary vector is drinking water.
I see it as my job as a dog owner to minimize risk of disease however possible, so in the past few months I've implemented a few simple solutions. The first is this water cleaning system.
The system is made up of a few parts:
1) A pump. In this case, I used a Hydor Seltz L20. This pump has a flowrate of 700 liters (185 gallons) per hour.
2) Piping. You can get this at any hardware or pet store.
3) A filter (or actually, a sterilizer). I use a Laguna Powerclear PT-520 filter, which rather than absorbing sediment, simply kills viruses and bacteria using ultraviolet (UV) light. I used a UV filter rather than a carbon (absorbing) filter for reasons explained in the video.

For this system to work reliably, you also need an automatic filling system (otherwise the pump will burn out when the bowl empties). For this, I used the following:
1) A toilet float (also called a ballcock) to automatically shut off water when the bowl is full.
2) Piping, specifically made for attaching to toilet cisterns.
3) Some wood to build a frame around the bowl to prevent it from moving. The reasons for this are hilariously shown here:

This system allows dogs to drink from their water bowl secure in the knowledge that the water is constantly being cleaned.

Coming soon: My air cleaning system