The world's first self-cleaning indoor dog potty

Automatic toilet for dogs, an appliance that can be portable but also connected to drains of the house, boat or motorhome. On the portable version all drains into hermetical sealed tank, cleans automatically and sanitized and it is odorless. This automatic toilet helps to prevent urinary tract infections for our pets. It can be handle like a briefcase and can be taken on trips, to the office, friend’s houses, hotels.

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Automatic Watering Bowls – These are generally used outside because they connect to a hose. However, if you have somewhere inside where you can connect the bowl to a hose, then this will work indoors as well. The downside to these bowls is that they tend to become dirty very quickly with food, dust, pet hair and other debris, just like traditional water bowls with standing water. This type of automatic water bowl works on the same principle as most toilet tanks do: a hose connects the bowl to a faucet, and a float and valve work to maintain the water level inside the bowl. If you go with this option and have larger dogs, be sure to get a sturdy bowl to prevent your pups from flipping the bowl over and creating a big mess.

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You can just train the dog to drink from the toilet bowl. Water will flow back into the bowl from the top reservoir automatically. The idea come up in 2008 during a sailing holiday with our three dogs. Since then we design the automatic toilet and we have researched the right materials for the production. The project was finalized on february 14, 2014 in Nichelino Torino Itay.

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You read the title correctly. There is an automatic toilet for dogs available on the pet market right now. It sounds silly, but it’s actually one of the coolest (and strangest) products I’ve seen for dogs. is an automatic dog toilet that was originally created to help protect pets from contracting urinary tract infections.

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We love our dogs. However, the clean up after the go is disgusting for any pet owner, no matter how strong the love. One savvy pet owner thought of an idea called Halli-Loo Automatic Flushing Pet Toilet to eliminate the direct and potentially unsanitary contact with pet waste.