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Once upon a time, a French entrepreneur named Romain Jarry woke up one morning and thought: What could I invent today that no one has ever thought of? An automated washing machine for dogs of course! Ok, maybe he’s not the first person who thought of the idea, but it’s the first time I’ve heard of something like this. Please admire the Dog-o-Matic in action:

The Automatic Dog washer is a machine featured in Donald's Dog Laundry.

It seems that a Frenchman who goes by the name of Romain Jerry and who hails from a small town in France called St Max, near Nancy, has invented the machine of my dreams! His Automated Dog Washing machine will apparently turn our dirty canines and (cats) too, into immaculate nice smelling pets in just thirty minutes! The washing time will be just three minutes. The drying time will take approximately twelve minutes.

Nov 5, 1977 - A Brooklyn couple has invented an automatic dog washer

There are automatic car washes, automatic clothes washers and now even an automatic dog washer. A Brooklyn couple has invented an automatic dog washer. Clem and Antoinette Blafford were granted Patent 4,056,078 this week. The design provides two enclosures separated by a gate. In the first enclosure, the dog can stand under sprays discharging soapy and clean water. Its head is outside, so it gets nothing in its eyes, nose or mouth. When the dog goes into the second enclosure, a blower automatically sends a stream of heated air all around the animal.

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A version of this archives appears in print on November 5, 1977, on Page 43 of the with the headline: Brooklyn Couple Invent Automatic Dog Washer.

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Charlie Matykiewicz, in Windermere, Florida, launched his pet-oriented business venture when he was 13 by inventing a new product that makes it easier to wash dogs--the Automatic Dog Washer. His PVC pipe washer won local, state and national inventing contests, and soon Matykiewicz found himself discussing his clever contraption with newspapers, radio stations and on four television shows, including the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. "I have dogs, so I tried to think of a better way to wash them," he explains about his inspiration for the Dog Washer.The absolute best washers are the automated “bath tubs” for dog paws. Relatively new to the pet product market, automated paw washers fully clean your dogs paw in a few seconds. Here are our choices for the top dog paw washer:A dog tests the newly invented dog washing machine in Thailand. It was designed and invented by teachers and students with automated brush movements and running water to bathe dogs.Dogs are so trusting and you just shove them into a machine…. How Lazy are these french.. (Yes french is lower case for a reason) From the smell of them and their overall attitude I think they should be the ones stuffed into those automatic washers.. Throw in a razor too, Jeez..