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In this video vet Fiona from Chestnut Vets in Hertford and Ware, demonstrates how vets apply bandages to your dogs leg. We always recommend that this procedure is undertaken by a vet and this video is produced for pet owner information only.

In order to make a good bandage for your dog, follow these easy steps:

In addition, keep your dog’s bandage secured at all times, and make sure the bandage is just right – not too loose or too tight for your buddy. Keep them clean as well, and if they get dirty, change them immediately.

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If the occasion arises, remember the above tips for how to bandage your dog correctly. A dog bandage correctly applied allows proper healing of wounds from injury or incisions from surgery. Bandages stabilize bones and joints, stop bleeding, block germs and reduce pain. Knowing how to properly bandage your dog's wounds will help your dog get better faster.

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If you do not have bandaging materials available, you can use strips of clean sheets, towels and clothing cut or torn to the right size. You can also use household paper products for pads, sticking them to water-soluble jelly smeared on the wound. In addition, rolled up newspapers and magazines make good splints; for very small dogs, pencils or pens work well, too.

Keeping the bandage ON the dog?