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1 year later and My husky has lost the weight , breath and teeth are immaculate , rarely has stinky farts or bowel movements , in fact both her and my dogo have incredibly manageable poops , far better than ever before. Both dogs , a 3m/o male puppy and 9y/o female have benefitted so much from BARF/Raw. The issue’s arent with the producers of Raw or dry , its you owners. I was just like you. Uneducated , taking the word of a Dr. that cares for your furry children , while this same Dr benefits from the sale of the expensive pet food they tell you is best for your dog. Basically , research what you feed your dog so your not blindly feeding them , second , if your lazy and cant clean your pets bowls or properly deal with thawing raw food cleanly , than raw isnt for you , stick to your , measure and pour.

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Frozen dog food diets are basically BARF (Bones and Raw Food) diets. Frozen dog foods may contain beef, chicken, lamb, venison or other raw meat ingredients

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Mountain Dog Food. Near London, Ontario. Convenient, affordable, frozen raw meat and bones with added vegetables and fruit. BARF diet.

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Barf Diet Frozen Raw Dog Food shipped to you. BARF is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food and also stands for Bones And Raw Food.

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The advent of the commercially prepared, frozen meat-based diet is the answer to these people’s prayers. Today, more than a dozen companies offer their versions of the BARF diet, so it’s almost as easy as buying and feeding kibble. These products are a convenient, safe way to feed a raw-meat diet. Most of these diets are intended to be fed as a dog’s “complete and balanced diet,” although a few manufacturers also market supplemental meats and meat-based foods. Some are available only in a local area, while others are available nationally. Some are quite comparable in price to food that you might buy and prepare yourself; others are more expensive, but generally make up for this in the high quality of the ingredients.Primal, Steve’s Real Food for Dogs, Bravo, Darwin’s, BARFWorld, K-9 Kraving, Pets 4 Life Pet Cuisine, Raw Bistro and Stella & Chewy’s all offer complete and balanced raw frozen food. Many of these companies also offer mixes and pre-mixes to go with raw foods so you can mix your own diet for your dog. There are plenty of other companies that sell frozen raw dog food but we have heard good things about these companies from people who have used their foods.I wanted to see if you knew anything about the calcium levels in the Nature’s Variety Raw Frozen Diets. My local pet store started caring this and i wasn’t sure if the calcium level would be ok for my Saint Bernard puppy? I was originally just going to buy the BARF Raw dog food online and have it shipped but I would rather go get the food myself. Thanks for the article. We have been feeding our 2 dogs and one cat the raw food diet since 2007 (since they were adopted as pups/kitten). The vets are amazed how strong, muscular and healthy they are – but when they find out that they are on the raw meat diet, they try to talk us out of it – go figure. Our animal food supplier carries frozen raw ground foods from Blue Ridge Beef (you can check it out online at .). You can learn a lot more about the raw food diet from them for starters as well as “BARF” mentioned above.