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Our innovative Pee~Liminator™ belly bands provide maximum protection for your male dog in the most lightweight, comfortable diaper available. Excellent for dogs who are not house~trained, senior dogs with incontinence issues, disabled dogs or for the occasional marker. They are made with premium American made PUL and microfiber diaper materials, the same fabrics used for human baby diapers. They provide the ultimate in softness, comfort, protection and performance.

Belly bands for male dogs who mark! These have a chest strap so your dog can't wriggle out! These will save your sanity!!

I'm not sure why people keep saying it is normal for male dogs to mark. This is not normal behavior unless they are not neutered or they were neutered later on in life. I digress, yes it is common for a male dog to mark the first time they enter your home, but it is not normal for that behavior to continue throughout the stay. I have plenty of experience in this area and I learned the hard way so I invested in belly bands of different sizes. Fortunately I haven't had the need to use them but I have them just in case because I had a terrible experience with a dog who marked the whole 5 days he was here. Also, if you have a marker don't give him access to the whole house, you'll have to confine him to an area where it's easy to clean up and it looks like that is what you are doing. As far as cleaning supplies, this one is hard because these dogs have that keen smell where even if you cleaned a spot a thousand times, they still pick up on the smell. One cleaner I have really liked so far is Pet Peeve Household Pet Stain and Stink Remover. I bought it on Amazon after reading all the good reviews it had. Good luck and let us know if you found a solution :)

For male dog marking, incontinence, puppy housetraining

These belly bands work great for male dogs that mark in the house! And with the chest strap, the dog can't wriggle out of the belly band! Belly bands for male dogs are much needed. Boy dogs are notorious for marking, or urinating in the home in order to mark their territory. It is a natural instinct and they do not intend to ruin your furniture or carpets; they are just doing what is natural to them. While you are training your male puppy to refrain from this act, or if you have a male dog that just cannot seem to abandon the habit, a male dog belly band will protect your home from this behavior.

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Male dog underwear is called belly bands. They go around the dog's waist and cover their male parts. They can be used to stop dogs from marking in the house, for dogs with inconsistency, and puppies still working on house training. One way to make your dog belly band more successful is to add a human pad inside to help soak up urine.

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