How Can I Find the Best Tasting Dog Food for Picky Eaters?

Hopefully you see. The University of Tennessee does have the best homemade recipe for dogs with liver shunts. I have a chocolate lab with an inoperable liver shunt. He has been in excellent health since I started making his food, I’ve been doing it for 3 years now. The chicken and brown rice recipe (there are 13 ingredients) is the most up to date recipe. Hopefully you can see the screen shot I provided with the recipe. An Internet search will provide you with the direction if needed. You can also email the University with questions.
*Please make sure you check the ingredients on the cottage cheese before you use it. No Xanthan gum it’s toxic. I would also avoid Guar gum. I was not aware of this when I first started making the dog food and ended up poisoning my dog instead of helping him so I just wanted to pass the info along. Daisy 2% Cottage Cheese is what I use, it has minimal ingredients.
Hope this information helps you and your dog.

There are so many dog foods to pick from, can you help me find the best one for my pet?

Dogs prone to dental disease, for example, generally benefit from a kibble diet, especially one formulated for this ailment, and dogs with recurrent urinary problems often do best on canned food with its higher water content. Dry food provides more energy (a plus for larger dogs) owing to the presence of more carbohydrates, while wet varieties often taste better and more closely replicate dogs' natural diet. Kibble is richer in protein and wet dog food is, well, wetter; water or broth often take first billing on the ingredients list. Dry dog food can be left in the bowl for days without spoiling while canned products must be used within a day or two of opening and leftovers stored in the fridge. And last but not least, dry dog food is considerably cheaper. If you and the dog are wavering, try topping off the kibble with a spot of wet grub.

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The best dog food, the healthiest dog food, is not dry (kibble) or canned. Of any brand. Shop Petco for the best senior dog food and give your mature pup the proper nutrition to help keep them spry As your pet gets on in years, you begin to see signs of aging like gray in their muzzle and a slower stride. In addition to their physical changes, their nutritional needs adjust as well. Because of decreased activity, many older dogs have a tendency to pack on the pounds. Additional weight gain can affect their joints as well as cause other health issues. Many senior dog foods are designed to provide your furry family member a balanced diet that is generally lower in calories while still providing sufficient protein and fat.

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The food also has psyllium seed husks and prebiotics which might have a positive effect on a sesitive stomach but you could buy a combo pre and pro biotic that will do a better job because you can use a higher and more beneficial dose. Psyllium husks are very cheap and you could fine tune the dose to best suit your individual dog.

That means that finding the best dog food for Chihuahuas can be tough