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Thank you so much for this site. I am fostering a cute 10 year old long haired Chihuahua who has been through it. Had cancer and a double mastectomy along with having all but one tooth removed. Her previous owners neglected an infected tooth that spread. They left one as it could have broken her jaw to remove. Anyway the aspca gave me mighty dog to feed her which made her smell horrible, her poop was so wet and stunk something horrible. I always heard her belly making noise and knew it had to be the food. After hours of researching and price checking I decided to try the wellness brand as she refused toeat any more mighty dog. She ababsolutely loves the stews. They are chunky but I mash it with a fork to a pate consistency. Just an fyi to owners who have toothless fur babies, they may sneeze or choke while eating soft food as they tend to accidentally inhale it through their nostrils as they try to lap up their food. So I try and make sure to remove any excess gravy. I alternate between the wellness complete and again she LOVES it! The best part, seh is no longer stinky and her poop has become a little more solid. She is also under weight and has gained half a pound since eating this brand.

Jul 6, 2016 - Which is the best canned dog food? Editors name top choices based on dog food reviews by experts and dog owners.

The very best canned dog foods are meat-rich and free of fillers, by-products and artificial preservatives. Newman's Own Organics dog foods fit that profile perfectly and even take things a step further, with 95 percent of its ingredients being USDA certified organic. Among the available varieties, wows reviewers: It's made of organic, free-range beef and liver and very little else. The beef is sourced from Uruguay, which raises some concern in some user reviews we spotted. However, the company notes that Uruguay is noted for being Mad Cow Disease free and has regulations in place that prohibit the use of growth hormones or antibiotics.

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Find the best dog food. Dry and canned dog food reviews. Comparisons of all dog food brands. Homemade and raw dog food diets. Benefits of organic dog food. To find the top dry, canned and dehydrated dog foods we consulted the websites and publications named above and many more, and read thousands of user reviews. Based on that information, we looked first at ingredient quality and the safety of the food -- paying special attention to recalls, the reasons behind them, and how forthcoming dog food makers are with their customers. While every dog owner might like to feed their dog the best food available, not all have the budget to do that, so we also look to value to find choices that are close to the best, but cost less. The result? We found good dog foods for every budget, from Costco kibble to pricey "human food" dog food.

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I just bought a case of Party Animal Cocolicious today, but now I’m a little nervous after reading through these reviews.. I feed an all Raw/organic diet to my five dogs, but it can be exhausting having to prepare balanced raw meals for five dogs daily (two small breeds & three large breeds) who all eat different proteins and things due to food allergies/intolerance. I love them dearly and want the best for my pups, but I feel like all I do anymore is make and prepare dog meals! I wanted something I could use as a meal replacement, while still feeding raw as I refuse to feed kibble and also something to use while traveling. The ingredients in the Cocolicious was one of the few I found to be what I was looking for. What exactly is the bad rep of Evanger’s? Should I be concerned? It looks like a really great food otherwise. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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