costumes for dogs and cats will make this your best Halloween yet.

There are so many well made Star Wars themed Halloween costumes, that it was hard to pick a favorite. We secretly hope you have a whole army of dogs so you can buy one of each Star Wars themed costume and recreate the entire film using dogs in place of actors. The R2-D2 dog costume comes in small pet sizes only so it’s best suited for a smaller dog breed. If you have a larger breed, or if you want to browse additional Star Wars costume options for your dog, you can .

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Right up there with dogs dressed as food is dogs dressed up like other animals. has a number of truly original and well constructed dog costumes, great for dressing up on Halloween. The sizing chart is helpful to figure out which size is best for your dog based on their specific measurements and weight. If the headpiece becomes too much, this can still be worn without it and be recognizable. We love the idea of dressing a second dog as a bunny for a tortoise and hare themed Halloween duo. or you can go with a .

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Halloween's 11 Best Costumes for Dogs - The 11 Best This dog Halloween costume works best for pugs (or dogs of very much similar size), and it contains a bright Mexican serape (a type of shawl) and a little hat that perches very jauntily on your pup’s head.

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This may not be the most well-crafted or the best dog Halloween costume, but I'm sure some dogs need their own superhero, and what better hero than one that is a giant pun? Unfortunately, this pet costume is only for tiny dogs between 14 and 23 pounds, making your pet a pint-sized pooch about to save the world.

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Most people look forward to seeing the cute costumes that kids wear on Halloween. I, however, prefer to look for the dogs of Halloween. Now I'm not saying I prefer dogs over kids (which I actually do), but I will say that the dogs won out this year in cuteness. So here are 5 of the best costumes for dogs.
One of the most patently hilarious and cutest things ever is to dress your dog up in a costume. I don’t care what type of dog it is; all canines look adorable in dog costumes. The fastest approaching holiday right now is Halloween, and many pet parents will be looking for some of the best dog Halloween costumes for the occasion. We’ve got a full list of 65 best dog Halloween costumes that will turn your pooch into an ultra adorable part of the holiday. #dogs #dogcostumes #halloween #petsSome of the best costumes we see each year are worn by dogs, and we can guarantee that this year won’t be an exception. With hit TV shows, latest trends, and a never-ending love for food, dog costumes for Halloween 2016 are going to be off the hook!Made with high-quality ultra-soft plush fabric, this costume is a great choice for dogs of all sizes. The head and body of the giraffe are stuffed with polyfill to add texture. The best part about this costume is that it’s machine washable, so you can easily wash this costume after the Halloween festivities have concluded. If you don’t love the giraffe, or if you have multiple pets, there’s also , , or .