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There are a number of ways to prevent your dog from getting fleas or killing any infestations he might already have. These are the most popular and effective methods but we’ve also listed some natural flea treatment options at the bottom. Remember, the best flea treatment is the one that works for your dog and your lifestyle.

Dawn works best for flea killing on all dogs because of the pyrethrins in it.

I work in an animal Emergency clinic and can say how dangerous, and sometimes lethal the over the counter flea and tick products are. Time and time again pet’s – more often cats are brought in after owners have applied these topicals. Generally these OTC products do not work. We have cats in the clinic with seizures, facial twitching, tremors and even unconscious when brought in. Sometimes this is due to human error…an owner will have a 20 lb. Dog product and put 1/2 of it on a 10 lb. Cat. It doesn’t work that way. Some owners get their flea and tick products at a convenient store because they cannot afford to get from a vet. Believe me getting these meds from a vet is far less expensive than having your pet treated at an animal Emergency clinic which can cost hundreds of dollars. Another thing is that every let in your household needs to be treated. This includes treating your house. Those fleas are dropping eggs all over…on furniture, carpets, pet beds, etc. You need to wash all bedding, vacuum your floors and empty your vacuum cleaner bag because those eggs will hatch in your bag. The process can last for months. Be smart, be safe and get the best product you can afford from a vet hospital. Even soap and water will kill fleas on your pet but it won’t keep the fleas off your pet. Also, we have seen flea anemia, especially in kittens and cats where they have so many fleas sucking their blood that it causes anemia and often will require a blood transfusion or, in some cases death in kittens and older cats. Your pet can also get tapeworms, an intestinal parasite from fleas.

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For the best flea and tick medication for dogs, several spot on medicines that kill .. If an all-natural product is important to you, consider this option. It’s formulated especially as a repellent using cedar, clove, peppermint, and cinnamon oils to drive off fleas and ticks. This is certainly a safe alternative for your dog and for anyone else who may be living in your home. Since it’s billed to repel, we’re not sure it’s the best choice for knocking down an infestation, so choose this for its natural ingredients rather than its killing power.

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Like the Vet’s Best, this product can be sprayed directly on dogs or on furniture. It immediately kills, fleas, flea eggs and larvae, and ticks, while also repelling mosquitoes. It differs from Vet’s Best in that this uses chemical formulations instead of natural oils, which might contribute to better performance but also could be a concern for some buyers. This version of the product removes the permethrin, which means it can be used on both cats and dogs, if you have a mixed household. A few reviews noted that the recommended dosage seems high, so read the instructions and use your best judgement when treating your pet. This is a good all-purpose solution that should get the job done.

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