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The best diet for all diabetic dogs is one that is high in fiber since that is helps to control the fluctuations of the dog’s blood sugar levels. Most commercially available high fiber diets contain high levels of a fiber that is called insoluble fiber (e.g. lignins and cellulose) while a tastier diet with better blood sugar control comes from adding more soluble fiber sources (e.g. gums and pectins) as the main source of fiber in the food.

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Dear Victoria,
Sorry to hear that your vet is so insensitive about Diesel. The fact is that diabetic dogs can lead perfectly normal lives with average life expectancy. Good boy, Diesel! I hope that your next vet is a true partner in Diesel’s care instead of a schmuck.
As far as feeding, this recipe is based on a 48-pound dog eating 4 cups of Ruby Stewbie and one cup of dry food daily. For a 15-pound pooch, that would be 1.25 cups of Stewbie and approximately 1/3 cup of dry food daily. (Here’s the formula I used to get those amounts: 15/48 = .31 x 4 = 1.25). For your girl, that would be 1/2 cup Stewbie and 1/8 cup of dry food daily. There are 265 calories per cup of the Ruby Stewbie in case that makes it easier for you to figure out their daily needs. Sending best wishes, lots of love, and many belly rubs your way. xoxo

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What food is best suited for dogs who have been diagnosed with diabetes? Which foods should you avoid including in his diet, and which should you include? Dear Loretta,
Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story. I am glad that all of your dogs – diabetic and non-diabetic alike – are enjoying this food. Yes, indeed, this recipe does make a ton! Cooking a bulk amount that I
can freeze and have readily available for a couple of weeks works best given my schedule. My freezer is dedicated to the Ruby Stewbie; everything else has to fit in around it! Wishing you continued success & sending much love and licks to y’all!

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Dear Jay,
I am so sorry about the loss of your mastiff. Please accept my sincere condolences. It sounds like quite a stressful time for you and your chihuahua.
My understanding is that a little bit of low fat cheese now and then is AOK for dogs.
I could sing the virtues of carrots all day. They are a root vegetable, and root veggies absorb a ton of nutrients from the soil because they grow underground. They provide a good deal of fiber and potassium along with healthy doses of vitamins A, C, and K. While carrots have sugar in them, they don’t have that much more sugar
than a variety of other vegetables.
As far as carbs, all carbs are not created equal. The trick is to choose foods low on the glycemic index (GI), since those foods are best for diabetics. I do give Ruby brown rice and boiled chicken to give his system a break when he has diarrhea. Luckily, that doesn’t happen too often! Brown rice is considered easy on the stomach, has some protein, and it falls within the low range on the the GI. I don’t see anything wrong with feeding carrots or brown rice to your dog. Wishing you the best of luck & sending much love and licks to y’all!

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