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For canned foods I try my best to stay in the moderate fat range and low carb. I don’t pay attention to whether or not a food is labeled for a puppy or senior. My dog is four years old and I feed puppy, all life stages, senior, large/small breed foods etc. I pay attention to the label (protein, fat, fiber %;s) and also ingredients. You may want to steer clear of grains because they might contribute to his inflammations.

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Senior dogs often develop other health problems that require veterinary attention and maintenance. Sometimes a prescription diet is the best dog food option for large breed seniors, as these veterinary-approved foods are specifically formulated to address your dog’s needs. Talk to your vet about the best food for large breed seniors.

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Jun 21, 2016 - 10 Best Dog Foods for Senior Dogs as Alternatives. Holistic Select Senior Chicken & Rice Natural. Hill's Ideal Balance Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe. Fromm Gold Small Breed Adult Dog Food. ULTRA Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food. NATURAL CHOICE Adult Large Breed. Blue Buffalo BLUE Senior Dog. Senior dog food is an excellent choice for your dog as he ages. Unlike breed-specific food, senior dog food actually does make a difference in your . Food designed for older dogs has higher levels of key vitamins and minerals to help them as they age. This one is much more than a marketing gimmick! Still, with so many out there, how do you know which one is best, especially for your big guy? Read on to learn how to find the best senior dog food for large breeds.

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We started using Best Breed when they had Catfish. They no longer make this, but have changed to Salmon. Used it for awhile and then the dogs started turning their nose and refused to eat it. Changed to the large breed and when the bag is first opened they will eat it, but not with gusto. By the time the bag is half gone the food has to be doctored in order for them to eat. The food smells really bad, even when fresh, and makes the breath smell just like the food (whew!). Have started having more and more problems with skin and ear infections in both dogs and the common demoninator is the food. We pay a premium price for this food and don’t feel it is worth the cost. We are now shopping around for something that will get them back on track and are considering BilJac. I read your review on BilJac and while you didn’t give it rave reviews I feel you are basing your review on the ingredient list only and not contacting the manufacturer for the true meaning listing of ingredients or processing procedures. Resently went to a dog show that had a Best Breed and BilJac rep there. Of course both were well versed and told you eveything you wanted to hear, but was most impressed with the BilJac rep that talked only about ingredients and animal nutrition and did not mention or down grade any other brand. Not true of the Best Breed rep. I did like the idea that BilJac doesn’t swell when placed in water and I know, based on experience, that Best Breed does. I have large dogs with deep chests and always concerned with bloat and swelling food in the stomach doesn’t excite me.

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