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Dry dog food is convenient, and it costs the least per feeding (without water, it weighs less to ship and is a concentrated food source). Unlike cats, dogs will drink plenty of water to hydrate themselves, so dry food is perfectly acceptable. Just be careful: Most supermarket kibble consists mainly of corn and soy pellets -- not the meat that dogs evolved to eat, experts warn. High-meat, low- or no-grain kibbles are best. Experts say you should serve canned or fresh food, too, to make sure your dog gets enough moisture and protein. The cost of dry dog foods varies widely, from more than $3 per pound to as low as 88 cents per pound for good feeding choices.

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If you’re just beginning to research the healthiest nutritional options for your furry friend, we’re here to help. One ingredient to keep a particular eye on is corn. Corn is used in many forms in conventional dog food and is often one of the main ingredients in less expensive (many times meaning less nutritious) dog food, making dog food without corn a rarity. However, it can be a very harmful ingredient to canines and should be avoided if possible. To give your non-human friend the best chance at a healthy life, it is always best to choose dog food without corn. Not completely sold yet? Below is a list of 8 harmful effects of corn in a canine’s diet.

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Dakota loves dog food without corn and so will your lovable canine best friend! Yes, even dogs can be lactose intolerant. If your dog vomits or has diarrhea after consuming dairy products, it’s best for him to switch to other types of meals, such as dog food without corn.

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For the best dog food without corn, choose any one of our flavors . Not only are you choosing a healthy and nutritious food for your dog, but you’re also contributing to the well-being of dogs under the care of dog rescue organizations!

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Grain-free dog food has become synonymous with best dog food. What we found: Better ingredients overall matter most. We dug through the hype, talked with veterinarians, and analyzed food labels from the top dog food brands to find the what’s what on ingredients. Corn, wheat, and soy were obvious no-nos, as were added fillers like sugar and sauces. But we prioritized a high-quality meat source as the first ingredient and carbohydrates from nutrient-rich sources like veggies over grains.Another reason that many dog owners choose to feed grain free or gluten free dog foods is a mistaken belief that these diets are the best choice for dogs that have food allergies. While food allergies do occur in pets, corn and other grains are not among the most common allergens found in foods. In fact, according to some of the available research, corn is actually one of the least likely sources of food allergy. In one literature review, 278 dogs with food allergy were evaluated and the problem ingredient was clearly identified for each dog. Beef was the most common , being responsible for 95 of the cases reported. Dairy was responsible for 55 cases, making it the second most frequent cause. Corn was identified as the offender in only 7 cases.