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The best odor-removing cleaners are enzymatic. Most enzymes are proteins. When used in cleaning, they break down the molecules that are responsible for stains and odors. Because they destroy the cause, enzymatic cleaners are more effective than other cleaners to remove dog urine odor.

Pet Stain Remover & Enzyme Cleaner: Best Carpet Urine Cleaner For Dog And Cat Odor GUARANTEED

Pet Stain Remover and Odor Eliminator Spray Enzymatic Cleaner for Dog and Cat Urine - Best Enzyme Neutralizer for Urine, Vomit and Carpet Spots - Works on all Surfaces ** Find out more about the great product at the image link.

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The best carpet cleaner for dog urine is going to be an enzyme cleaner. Pet Odor Eliminator & Pet Urine Cleaner: Professional Strength Enzyme Cleaner - - There's nothing much to say in the guidelines simply because these dog urine neutralizers are quite self-intuitive. I have found lots of fragile items in this category so you should be careful. This is among the best mainly because it received plenty of compliments from my buddies. When it comes to products for ourselves or for the ones we love, we should always purchase something that is really good. Never underestimate the power and wonder of sturdiness.

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The best way to prevent a male dog from urine marking is to have him neutered before he develops territorial behavior. If the dog is an adult and the behavior is already well established, then neutering may not help. If your dog does urine-mark in your home, it’s important to neutralize the spot with an enzymatic cleaner to completely get rid of the odor. Otherwise, the smell is an invitation to the dog to mark the same spot again. The enzymes in the cleaner (Nature’s Miracle and Simple Solution are two brands) digest the odor-causing protein in organic materials.

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