The Best Dog Food For Large Breeds: Detailed Guide & Reviews (2017)

There are tons of dog food brands in the market. Some have been around for years and are trusted by customers while others are fairly recent. But all have appealing product choices with each claiming to offer the best dog food for large breed puppies.

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Hi Heather, I used Fromm for my small breed dog who had major sensitivities to food and he did great. But my new puppies, bulladors were not doing well on Fromm at all. So i tried a few different foods and the best one I have found for them is Acana large breed puppy food. Their stools are normal and regular now and their coats are so nice and shiny. Not to mention they love it. The ingredients are high quality and pass for human consumption. Hope I could help.

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jump directly to our picks for best dry dog food for large breeds by clicking on the link in the review box The best option to help your large breed dog avoid this condition is usually a large breed dog formula. Look for a reputable dog food manufacturer that carries a large breed formula and don’t hesitate to ask your veterinarian for her recommendations.

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Once your large breed puppy has reached adulthood, it is time to find yet another food. This transitional period is a good opportunity to talk to your vet about her recommendations for the best food for large breeds. Your veterinarian will be happy to share insights and observations about the best diet for your dog based on breed, size, and other health concerns, and vets have access to a wide range of resources that allow them to help you make an informed choice.

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