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Metal crates are an excellent way to train your dog, and sometimes put your dog in timeout while also allowing him to have a place of privacy. Although many people have their idea of what the best dog crate is, a wire crate is always towards the top of the list (and least for me and our dog). The great thing about them is they fit in any lifestyle you and your dog have, whether it is an indoor dog, an outdoor dog, etc. A wire crate will help you accommodate their needs and yours.

The best place to put a dog crate for puppy training is in a high traffic area  a quiet one.

Nevertheless, once a dog gets used to a crate, they can see it as a place of comfort and safety. The of America recommends crate training to create a place of security and comfort for a dog, while cautioning that it is not the best solution to animal behavior problems.

your dog a safe place that is only theirs while they learn the rules.

The best dog crates provide enough light, ventilation, and comfort to make sure that the crate is a comfortable place for your dog. This crate features double doors, allowing for you to place the crate as you wish. The double locks on each door are pretty solid, but this still probably isn’t the best option for a particularly strong and boisterous dog.

She was probably around 18-20 weeks old is my best approximation.

ome owners think crate training their dog is cruel and mean. They feel like they're locking Fido away in a doggy jail. On the contrary, crating a dog and the best dog crate will provide your pet with a safe and comfortable place to rest from everything, and feel peaceful and calm.

Product - Carlson Compact and Secure Metal Dog Crate.

Probably the best bet for a pet's home crate is a plastic or wire crate. I favor wire crates, as they fold flat for storage and are more economical to purchase. Plastic crates are sturdier and often feel more secure for your dog, as the walls are mostly solid. However, there are very sturdy metal crates that can be purchased, and you can always cover a wire crate with a blanket if your dog needs more privacy. For an escape artist, either a plastic crate or a rugged (not collapsible) metal crate would be best. Both plastic and metal crates can be fortified using strategically placed zip ties. If you are looking for a crate that matches your decor, fashionable dog crate furniture combos that double as end tables are available!The best choice of dog crate placement is inside your house because it will give coolness, safety, and comfort him, he also will be pleased and happy because he became a part of your family, and more often interact with all members of your family.