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Many trainers feed dogs that are in training dog food during training sessions. It is a common practice to divide up the daily tally of food and feed a portion of it throughout the day while working with a dog. The technique works well, especially for puppies and is a healthy way to ensure the dog is getting a balanced diet that is not full of extra fat and calories. Using Treats in Dog Training The purpose of feeding training treats is to reward and motivate during training sessions. Training treats are a powerful lure when used correctly. A problem that can arise when only using dog food is that the dog simply tires of it and when you are trying to convince a dog to try something new, it simply is not tempting enough. Special Occasion Training Treats There are plenty of popular treats that can entice a dog out of their comfort zone and these include hotdogs, liverwurst, braunschweiger (smoked), and bacon. However, these goodies are very high in fat and salt so they are not appropriate for lots of treat giving, overweight dogs, or dogs that have a history of pancreatitis. Just like all junk food, they are tempting and can usually entice the most stubborn dog out of his box. Using them in small amounts as a special lure is probably fine albeit not the healthiest of options, they can also give some dogs and puppies a stomach ache and diarrhea. High Value Healthier Options The best high value training treats are those that taste great to dogs, are all natural, are healthier than high fat treats, add nutrition to the dog’s regular diet, and can tempt a dog to accomplish amazing things. Some much better high value treat options include:

Bil-Jac Little-Jacs training treats are ideal for smaller dogs and for training your best friend.

For pet owners who want to reward their dogs but not add any extra weight, reviewers feel these are the best on the market. Many appreciate the soft texture of Pet Botanics Training Rewards Treats for Dogs, as it enables them to use the treats for small puppies, elderly dogs, and everyone in between!

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Training Reward Treats for Dogs are a delicious, nutritious soft dog treat that are the best for training and rewarding dogs. Free shipping on orders over $75. hen you're training your dog, whether a puppy or an adult canine, it's important to have something that will motivate him. Petting your dog will only get you so far. So what better motivation could there be for your pooch than the best dog training treats?

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