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Then, somewhere on the t-shirt was a dog. Because, the brand was called Big Dogs. And you just were supposed to accept that, and not ask any questions.

Remember those Big Dogs shirts that were basically like "Fat guys are cool guys too ya know"

The Deluxe Package is an even better deal as it not only gets you 30 tokens and a commemorative pint glass, but also gets you one of our cool special edition Big Dog's t-shirts, for just $53. This saves you $2 from the cost if you purchased each of the items separately.

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Big Dogs Sportswear's new line of T-shirts comments on football great Michael Vick's conviction for illegal dogfighting and animal cruelty. Even though this shirt is honoring the troops and is therefore more respectful than most of the shirts in the Big Dogs catalogue, it is frankly just not funeral attire.

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Hey there. You probably don’t need to be told this, but just in case, here are a dozen Big Dogs brand tee-shirts that you almost definitely should not wear to a funeral. Better safe than sorry, we always say.

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The plain pocket tee has become the male version of the little black dress, appropriate for any occasion. There was a time when we knew the T-shirt made the man. Or, more accurately, we knew that the picture and/or words on the T-shirt made the man. In the heyday of the cheeky graphic tee, companies like No Fear and Big Dogs knew that while many of us wore our hearts on our sleeve, we wore our souls on our chest. Sure, the streetwear and skate/surf tees from the '90s are missed too, but those were for the cool kids. No Fear and Big Dogs? Those resonated with the average joe.The kind of dad who wore a Big Dogs shirt was at least a little dorky. This dad is the kind who would get up early on the weekends to lie about his golf handicap or scream at the fourteen year-old refereeing your soccer game. A different kind of dad wore a Big Johnson shirt. A Big Johnson dad missed your soccer games because he was hungover from the night before. A Big Johnson dad never got up early on the weekends, and if he did, it certainly wouldn't be "to play fucking golf." A regular dad gave the babysitter a night off so he could beat you in the board game of his choice. A Big Johnson dad gave you the night off so he can try to fuck the babysitter. What makes the Big Dog so appealing? Why has the Big Dog outlasted so many of its 90s brethren? What gives the Big Dog its staying power? Mankind is naturally vain, instinctively arrogant. Unfortunately, it isn't socially acceptable to walk around with a shirt that says "I'm the shit." or "I'm the fucking man" on it, if you aren't capable of executing the look with a least a hint of irony. If you wear a shirt that says, "I'm the Big Dog" there is just enough cuteness and abstraction to cover up your blatant attempt at swagger. Also, people like dogs.In the '90s, there was a ridiculous T-shirt out there to fit any man's sense of decorum. If your dad wasn't square enough for a Big Dogs tee, but wasn't so bold/trashy that he could pull off Big Johnson, Chit Rodriguez was there to help occupy that sweet PG middle ground with the help of slightly racist puns.