2017-01-06; black and tan short coat medium breed dog.

A White coat is similar to black in that it only has one color with no traces of any other colors. The nose is black unless the dog is considered to be liver and then the dog will have a brown nose and be liver color.

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At birth, in color will be a 'grey/silver' color, not the usual black. In other words, all the black pigment of the dog appears in shades of blues instead of pure black - they will have grey nose leather, and an overall grey 'dusted' appearance to their coats.

2017-01-08; brown and black short coat dog

2016-12-20; black and tan short coat medium size dog. This type of Jaegu appears as a normal Baekgu Jindo at birth, but instead of becoming lighter as the dog matures, the coat become darker and redder. It's believed that this dog would have grown the normal JaeGu grey color, but because it was lacking the desired black pigments, it turned this color instead. (source: Yoon, June Ho)

All dog coat colors are modifications of black or yellow.

Fading: If a Shih Tzu carries the "G" gene, his coat will fade as he gets older. You will notice fading in puppies as young as a month old. Sometimes puppies look like they are almost black at birth but by the time they get their taste of dog food for the first time, their coat has changed. Fading will continue until the dog reaches his first birthday.

Graying: If a dog carries the Chinchilla gene (CH series) he is likely to change colors as well, but not in the same way as fading. Instead, the dog's coat will turn a rich, silver color. Someone once asked me if my dog was aging prematurely at two. No, its just that gene at work!

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The wide variety of coat colors in mammals is achieved by the production of two pigments, eumelanin (black) and pheomelanin (red or yellow). In most mammals, the switching between these 2 pigments is controlled by MC1R and Agouti genes. In dogs, original coat color research of pedigrees suggested that a third gene, named Dominant Black (K locus), was involved. This gene produces dominant black vs. brindle vs. fawn colors in breeds such as Great Danes, Pugs and Greyhounds among others. Researchers recently have discovered that dominant black is due to a mutation in a Beta-defensin gene (CBD103).Black German Shepherd breeder - Black German Shepherds in Pennsylvania - Black German Shepards - Our black German Shepherd Snickers, a long coat black German Shepherd aka black German Shepard. We occasionally have black German Shepherd puppies available, our FAQ about black German Shepherds is at Video taken March 22, 2009. Snickers usually has a much longer coat but is out of coat at the moment. Song is from the Braveheart movie soundtrack.

Pioneer German Shepherds breeds sweet-tempered plush and long coat (long haired) German Shepherd Dogs that are oversized with a laidback temperament. Please note that our dogs are NOT Shiloh Shepherds but are distantly related, with larger size and less angulation than most GSD. Nor are they King Shepherds, however they are above average in size (some say king sized) with a large-boned structure. However, all are AKC German Shepherd Dogs. Puppies are whelped indoors and raised underfoot in our home with lots of love, occasionally available to select companion homes. For more information about our dogs, see our website at Candille Sophie I, C B Kaelin et al. A beta-defensin mutation causes black coat color in domestic dogs. Science 318, 1418 (2007) DOI: 10.1126/science.1147880Did you know that there’s a phenomenon called “black dog syndrome?” Most of the time dogs in black coat are overlooked for adoption just because of their color. Because of this, the was founded by Colleen Paige to raise awareness about how awesome it is to get a black dog.