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Groomers all over the world are asking questions about the new product Clipp-Aid? Does Clipp-Aid bring dull blades back to life? Is it harmless when exposed to humans and pets? With all the chemicals groomers use, is Clipp-Aid safe to use in my salon? The answer to all these questions is “Yes”. In this article, I’ll share with you the breadth and thoroughness of my testing of Clipp-Aid over the last few months. My conclusion is that Clipp-Aid really is a fabulous new product for groomers!

Several months ago, there was a flurry of comments about Clipp-Aid on Facebook and groomer forums. In response, Clipp-Aid contacted me to try out their product in my shop to get a groomers perspective on the product. As an Organic Chemist, Blade Sharpener, and Pet Groomer for over 30 years, I was astounded by the results this small bag of crystals did at sharpening a blade well enough that I could continue grooming more dogs after using Clipp-Aid on my dull blades. It is something groomers need in their kit in case of emergencies.

Clipp-Aid is intended to bring a dull blade back to life again and can be used repeatedly as needed. Yet, at some point, I would suggest getting your blades professionally sharpened and adjusted by your local sharpener since using Clipp-Aid is not a substitute for professional sharpening.

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You’ll also want a set that comes with several blades, because you’ll need varying lengths to appropriately address your dog’s grooming needs. You can always purchase blades separately, if they don’t come in the kit you find, but make sure they are compatible with your clippers before making the investment.

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Of course depending on what the breed of your dog is to purchase the right clipper and blade system for your dog. ola Jacob, thank you for the was very helpful reading your view on the clippers. as you can imagine, this is very confusing so i still have a question, if you don't mind helping me! i have an Old English Sheepdog and due to the heat i decided to shave him, but to be honest i don't want him shave completely.....if i understood right, the blades go from 40 to 3 (3 being the longest), but for me its still too short so i saw the possibility of using the snap on combs. what i dont understand is which blade should be used and how it impacts on the length. i saw a youtube video where the lady was using a 7/8 comb on a 30 blade.........i don't understand. would it be different if it was the same comb on a 10 blade? and of the clippers you reviewed which one would you recommend for my OES? thank you for your time

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the last two dogs listed, Poodles and Bichons, are probably the most involved groomings you can do, if going by the breed standards. I seriously would suggest a program set up with one of your local professional groomers to save you the aggravation. To make these dogs look halfway decent you will need more than a good pair of clippers. A variety of combs, blades, and a high velocity dryer are Definitely needed for a proper outcome. Good luck.

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