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I read several reviews before writing this COMPLAINT. My lab became very ill several weeks ago - chronic diarrhea, lethargic, weight loss, dehydrated and the list goes on. Spent close to $2,000 in vet bills for tests, X-rays, ultrasound, hospital stay and medicine. Would not eat. The ultrasound revealed that his intestines were inflamed and his blood proteins were very low. Tried plain boiled chicken and rice. Realized after he ate the Blue Buffalo Senior Chicken and Brown Rice he immediately went outside and was horribly sick. Spoke with vet and immediately stopped feeding the dog food; however, I was still giving him Blue Wilderness treats.

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New to the site. I used this site to choose blue wilderness for my lab/golden mix. Recently I have read A LOT of negative reviews about blue buffalo the last 2 months. Of all the things I read, none were about the wilderness food. My dog likes the food but I may try something else just in case everything I read is true. What are your thoughts? Seems like something changed and quality control went into the tank.

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Jump to Click here to see all reviews. - Larger Dogs; Puppies; Special Needs. Comments about Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Dry Dog Food:. Blue Buffalo Wilderness has made my four dogs extremely ill. I am so distressed, my four dogs have been eating Blue Buffalo for almost a year. Recently, they have all started showing distressing symptoms… they have become lethargic, eating grass and vomiting daily, diarrhea, and EXCESSIVE thirst. I can’t keep their water bowls full, their drinking of water has doubled in the past month. I connected it to their food (the only thing they all had in common) and stopped immediately, returning all bags and cans of Blue Buffalo back to the store. I started them on cooked rice and chicken (made by me in my own kitchen) and after only two days, they are already doing better. No one has vomited since they stopped eating the Blue Buffalo.
They are all seeing the vet tomorrow for bloodwork as this excessive thirst could a kidney issue. They have even lost weight while eating this toxic food.
I cannot believe the company has not pulled this food off the shelves. Go to consumer reviews, there are over 248 complaints about the same symptoms dogs are having and some have already died. I contacted the company, with no response. I will switch my dogs to Merrick or Fromm, both seem to be made by the original family company. Blue Buffalo was sold recently and obviously may be getting their products from China… just my guess. Never again will I touch a Blue Buffalo product and am hoping my dogs have not been permanently damaged. I feel so guilty that I fed them this toxic food.

I noticed you reviewed both the Wilderness & grain free formula's.

Using Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food for my 4 year old black Labrador. His breath smells awful but he seems to enjoy it. My brother told me about Fromm. About the same price. One less star on this website. Anyone have any complaints about breath? All the reviews seem to be good.

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