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I'm specifically referring to the act of subduing a large prey animal, that is what the alpha wolf does, the service he provides the pack, and boardogs provide that service for human packs. The human actually does the job of the underlings, killing the prey. He does it with a piercing knife wound to the heart, vs evisceration, but fundamentally the role is the same.

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All prices are in  Copyright 2017 Wild Boar USA/Ugly Dog Ranch .  |  by BigCommerce I've always been called a hippy and I feel the same way that you do. If you take the life, at least use it for something useful. When I shoot the squirrels around my house,(don't want them in my attic) I put them up on the sacrificial rock and let the night creatures eat them. Your idea about using the boars for dog food sounds like a good idea. I ususally don't like killing things, but I was talking to a buddy the other day about going hog hunting. They are so ugly and mean that I don't think it would give me a problem to blast one of them !!!! But then I would have to eat it or use it in some way !!!!!

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Strange as that is the only thing catch dogs typically do to their big game, they catch and injure but they are not responsible for killing the prey. You keep ranting on and on about the superior killing ability these dogs posses but in reality their job is not to kill boar, it is to subdue a pig so that a hunter can safely move into a position where he can stab it.

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Pig-dogging, a violent hunting method that uses trained dogs to hunt wild boars is a growing sport in Australia. These dogs, which are usually pit bulls and pit mixes, are trained since birth to specifically chase and brutally kill wild boars. The hunters are supposed to follow their dogs and ultimately put the boars out of their misery by stabbing them or shooting them in the heart. However, the hunters are rarely fast enough to follow their dogs, leaving the boars to a slow and painful death. They often choose not to kill the boars merely to watch the animals fight till death.On top of these videos, there is an annual pig-dogging day called the ‘Dog a Hog’ event located in Queensland. Thousands of hunters across Australia travel to participate in this event, in which dogs fight and kill wild boars. The combination of this day and the widespread videos are making pig-dogging more popular.Dogs and hunters have been trained to kill feral boars for years. A female boar (a sow) can reproduce 30 boars a year. These boars are highly detrimental to crops and farms. Although pig-dogging exists to control the feral boar situation in Australia, it has unfortunately moved into the realm of entertainment. More and more videos have been posted online revealing the gruesome process in which dogs continuously maul at a boar. The dogs, who wear spiked collars and breast plates as protection, inevitably get injured as well. Instead of bringing the dogs to a professional, the videos also reveal hunters using staple guns on their dogs to close up the wounds inflicted by the wild boar. Videos of the training process can also be found on the internet. Pups are pitted against young pigs as a form of training. The hunting process is disgusting in and of itself. Displaying such a gruesome method of hunting is barbaric.I am aware that the wild boar situation in your country is problematic and detrimental to your crops and farmers. However, there must be a less painful hunting method than using innocent dogs to kill these boars. Pig-dogging, in which dogs are trained to chase and kill boars is extremely violent, and more importantly, not necessary. Training dogs, especially the pit bull, a species that has gone through so much abuse, to hunt and brutally murder boars is unjust.