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In this variation on the old feline/canine rivalry, Cat secretly works with Bobo the dog to refine his slovenly habits. Bobo belongs to Mrs. Birdhead, whose nest-like hat and its purple-feathered occupant balance primly on her auburn pageboy 'do. Bobo seems half-pet, half-person: he walks upright, tracks food all over the floor and chews on a book labeled "homework" (although there are no children present). His buffoonery lands him in the doghouse, where he mopes until Mrs. Birdhead goes shopping, and Cat surreptitiously trains him. Their "fetch" lesson goes awry when Cat throws a ball into the house, but "heel turn[s] out to be very handy" when Cat boosts Bobo through the window to retrieve the ball. Indoors, Bobo does yoga "sit" postures and practices "lie down" in bed. What Bobo lacks in manners, he makes up for in enthusiasm, and before Mrs. Birdhead can banish him again, Bobo struts his new stuff and wins a reprieve. Page's debut closely resembles Pinkwater's "bad bears" picture books in its pratfalls and amateurish visuals. In the mushy acrylic images, Bobo appears to be formed from a lump of grayish-white clay. His malleable, clumsily shaped body stretches to emphasize his clown-plus-canine qualities, and he lends gusto to the otherwise lukewarm custard-colored pages. Ages 3-8. (Apr.) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

Bobo the Bichon / Havanese puppy dog plays with his favorite frog toy9 months old

I personally beleive at your age a tea cup chiwawa is a great little pet. They are loyal to there parent and playful and they don’t shed, plus they actually help with allergies and asthma. I had one growing up and now I just got one for my 11 year old daughter amd he is so sweet very good natured babies. He loves her and she loves him, he loves me too, they bond with more than one person he knows when she is off to school who is gonna feed him and take care of him so I get plenty of love from him. He is so tiny too he only weighed around 19oz when we got him and he is almost 2lbs now but he is not gonna get over 3-4 lbs full grown. So good luck I have had a couple dogs and he is by far the smartest when it comes to potty training and learning his name and no sheeding(or I couldn’t have him at my house, terrible allergies).Good Luck and It’s a very hard decision so take your time and don’t rush in on the first pet you come to.
Haleigh, Kaleigh & BoBo (newest addition to our little family) I like to call him Bubsey and he knows when its me calling

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A commissioned portrait in graphite pencil of Bobo the English Sheep dog This toy is comparable to squeak toys and food releasing puzzle toys. Squeak toys are a normal alternative, often in the shape of bones. Of course you can purchase them in a variety of other shapes too. They make noises when the dogs chew on them and can be tossed around the room for an interactive play time activity. The Kong is a similar toy insofar as its purpose. This toy is a rubber toy, one that is shaped similar to a snowman.

The toy provides value to pet owners because it can be filled with things like cheese or peanut butter, even dog treats. Similarly to this bone, the Kong is a toy that dogs can toss around, roll around, and otherwise hunt. Thanks to the hard rubber is does not get hurt. However, as it is moved around, there are various shapes and sizes inside which release the treats inside when the shapes line up. So dogs follow it around, hunt it, pounce on it, and chew it to get the treats out the same way they get the treats out of the bone. With Bobo Bone though, the toy is battery powered, so the dog doesn’t have to chase it or move it. Dogs watch as it moves on its own, then chase it to get the treats from the inside. .

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If you have a new puppy between twelve and sixteen weeks old it is important for them to use dog toys like the Bobo Bone because they need to chew on a variety of textures. They start to obtain their teeth once they reach four to eight months old, their permanent teeth that is. So they need lots of chewable toys at this point. Bobo Bone gives them something to chew, something to hunt, and something that keeps them active.

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