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Perhaps one of the most popular fluffy dogs, the Shih Tzuprovides their owner with the fluffy cute look but does not stop there. Personality plus! These dogs are sweet, devoted, playful, andsturdy. These fluffy small breed dogs will warm your lap as they stare into your soul with their large round eyes.

Of all the fluffy small breed dogs, this one might be the rarest, at least in the United States.

Another characteristic that must be considered when choosing tiny dogs is their level of grooming maintenance. With many of the types of small dogs falling into the Toy Group, the dogs are well-known for having an abundant amount of hair hanging down to their feet, such as the Lhasa Apso or Shetland Sheepdog. Therefore, it is important for owners to consider the monetary costs associated with professional grooming or time spent brushing the dogs on a daily basis. If there is simply not enough time in the day to spend on regular brushing, it is recommended that owners choose one of the short-haired small dog breeds like the Beagle, Dachshund, or French Bulldog. With many types of small dogs falling into the categorization of "hypo-allergenic," they are also popular with individuals prone to allergies to avoid the sneezes.

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This is a list of small dog breeds. These are the smallest of all breeds. If you like little dogs then check out these miniature dog breeds. Personality: Because the Beagle is a dog that was made to hunt in packs it loves to be around other dogs and humans. This makes it one of the best small dog breeds for families. This is especially true of families with small children to which the Beagle is both loving but also very tolerant. They are great with other dogs and always ready to play, but not extremely energetic like some of the terriers. Beagles do however need a moderate amount of exercise.

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Every dog breed has a purpose. For some its tracking down game, others it could be guarding homes and property, while other dogs were made to herd farm animals. Many of the small dog breeds were actually made to specifically be companion dogs. Their job is to love their masters and family unconditionally as well as provide a lifetime companionship. Of course all dogs regardless of breed can do so, but small dogs do have big hearts and offer a love and friendship which is eternal.

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Many of the dogs listed on this page can be registered through the American Kennel Club. But some are so rare in the U.S. that, although they are purebred, they have not as of yet been entered into this registry. Around the world, however, they may be much more common.

We continue to add to this small dog breed list as we research new breeds, so check back often -- your perfect breed might just be here waiting for you.Good things most definitely come in small packages. And dogs are no exception! Including breeds like the Chihuahua, affenpinscher and Shiba Inu, this list of small dog breeds will have something for everyone.