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For each 10 pounds that your dog weighs, give them one teaspoon coconut oil and 1/2 teaspoon brewers yeast daily. That is about the size of one small treat, if you are using a small treat pan.

Side effects of brewer's yeast for dogs may include bloating, gas and indigestion.

Although its use in pets has been controversial, brewer's yeast is a popular nutritional supplement for both cats and dogs. Brewer's yeast for supplements is grown on molasses and sugar beets. Medicinal herb expert C.J. Puotinen says S. cervisia yeast, a strain of which is used to make beer, is found in pet supplement form. It's far more nutritious than the by-product breweries sell after using yeast to ferment their beers.

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Brewer’s yeast has been used as a supplement for dogs for many reasons, including: A vendor at a dog show suggested brewers yeast to prevent gas problems in dogs. One of our dogs had gas so bad the smell would wake us up at night! After a few days on the brewers yeast the problem has stopped and has not returned. I've never seen this written up anywhere but it sure worked for us!

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I don't know the dosage of brewers yeast for dogs as I always get it in powder form either bulk or in a jar. It is abundant in B vitamins & the powder can also be rubbed into the fur (while the pet is outdoors) to repel fleas. None of my critters ever have any fleas even during times when they are prevalent.

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There are other studies that show brewer’s yeast is successful in treating acne, reduce the risk of skin cancer, and helpful in preventing flu and colds. Some authors have recommended brewer’s yeast for “traveler’s diarrhea”. This would be good for dogs who have diarrhea when traveling or at dog events.When a dog is stressed or extremely hyper, brewer’s yeast may calm down Fido. The reason is the good source of vitamin B-complex. B vitamins are depleted rapidly when the dog is stressed. By adding a good source of vitamin B-complex, like brewer’s yeast, to the diet, your pooch may suffer less from separation anxiety, and other stress induced anxieties.From all the studies in humans, it has been found that brewer’s yeast is a great antioxidant and that applies to dogs as well. This is beneficial in several ways. By supplementing your dog’s diet with brewer’s yeast, his coat will be healthier and shed less. It will help boost his immune system which will aid in reduction of parasites, inside and out.Dosing the brewer’s yeast is variable. If using a commercially prepared brewer’s yeast for dogs, then follow the directions. Some sources say not to exceed 1 teaspoon a day, others say 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds. Either way, start slowly.