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To add to the confusion, these products have been receiving a bit of bad press lately which is making dog owners sit up and take notice and rummage around for information on these chewy treats. So, here is everything you wanted to know about bull pizzle dog treats and if it is safe to get these for your pets.

Bully Sticks are 100% Beef Sticks Dog Treats and dog chews made from the pizzle of the bull.

A tongue-in-cheek dog treat company based on the little known (or often ignored) fact that Bully Sticks are made from animal penis, aka, pizzle. Fo' Shizzle My Pizzle: Bully Sticks Your Bitch Will Love was born!

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Nov 6, 2014 - Bully sticks are popular dog treats, made from the pizzle (aka the penis) of a bull Your dog will find it hard to resist this treat: Although you may squirm at the idea of feeding bull pizzle to your pet, rest assured your dog will love the treat. In fact, this is one product that works even with the choosiest of pooches and the best part is that if you pick the right size, the treat does last a very long time.

The pizzle is the bull's penis and dogs go crazy for it

As long as you keep calorie intake in mind, bully sticks are largely a safe and enjoyable treat for your dog. In fact, in some countries beef pizzles are also eaten by humans for health benefits! Beef pizzles have:

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Bull pizzle is natural meaty protein, more specifically, it is dried bull penis. As off-putting as it sounds to humans, bull pizzle is a tasty and nutritious treat for dogs. The pizzle is collected from the slaughterhouse and cleaned thoroughly, before being dried in a heat chamber for at least 12 hours.It is normal for manufacturers to make dog treats from tripe, cattle tail, ears, intestines, shin bones, knees and more. So, it does not come as a shocker when they also put the animal’s privates to use, and why not? Most pooch owners would attest to the fact that the smellier the treat the more their dogs love it, and bull pizzle chews do get the stench and a lot more to the table.Bully sticks have long held a soft spot in canine hearts with most pooches happy to spend hours chewing away at them, and given the excitement with which dogs react to bull pizzle treats, dog owners are only too happy to indulge their furry friends. Yet, a shocking number of pet parents and even veterinarians don’t know what goes into the making of these treats and just how healthy they are.Bull pizzle along with other parts of the cattle that become dog treats are gathered from slaughterhouses all over the country and even overseas. Once brought to the manufacturing plant, the organ is removed and cleaned before it is hanged upside down, so that any traces of urine and semen flow out of it. Without these body fluids, the pizzle is an odorless piece of fibrous meat.