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I have 2 Yorkies that are 6 yrs old. I have been feeding them Iams since birth. About 2-3 weeks ago my dogs would barely touch their food and most recently, would not eat it at all. My one Yorkie started to have diarrhea which turned into being a bloody mess. I made a gruel out of chicken and rice which cleared it up. My other Yorkie also began having diarrhea with blood. I don't know if Iams changed their formula but I will be stopping at the pet store this evening to buy a different brand of food.

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My beagle, who only eats Iams dog food, has been violently ill. I bought the green bag of Iams at the Target in Malvern, PA. She is a very light weight beagle and cannot afford to lose any weight. I walk her on leash and she has never been out of my sight. She will only eat dog food so I know it is your food making her ill. I have contacted my vet. I am so disappointed in your product and you better hope that my dog survives. I will never ever buy your products again and I will tell everyone I know to do the same. I can't believe how many dogs are experiencing the same issue. I will be going back to Target for a copy of the receipt, and by the way, every dog owner I know stores their dog food in a container so no one would be able to send you the bar code from a bag that was discarded weeks ago.

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Apr 6, 2017 - If you buy Iams dog food, you will not want to miss this upcoming Target deal. However, the UPC listed on our bag of dog food was not on that list and not recalled.... yet. I notified the store and our vet about the IAMS contaminated dog food. We have the original bag and all the dog food, minus one bowl. I hope to have it tested for salmonella so that IAMS cannot deny the problem. I have read all the heartbreaking stories of sick pets and ultimate losses on this website. Please notify all your friends NOT to use this IAMS product. Our beautiful Gordon Setter is still not out of the woods. He is still very sick. We are extremely worried. So whatever you do, DON'T buy this product! And please warn others.

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I called them to tell them what I was experiencing as well. I got a very nice lady on the phone who checked the lot number of several of the bags that my dogs were having issues with (we keep the empty bags handy for pooper scooping purposes). She told me that nobody had reported any issues with food from those lots. I never really got a straight answer as to whether they changed the formula; she didn’t know. But she sent me a refund check for one bag of Iam’s and a whole stack of $5 off coupons which we had no use for.
To be honest I was very disappointed to hear that there were no issues with the lots, because it offered me no explanation as to why I was experiencing such a drastic and obvious problem with the food. It gave me no end date; no time frame in which I would feel safe buying Iam’s again. If only someone could tell me why, and if it will stop. Is anyone at that company is even aware of a problem? My problem didn’t seem to call the attention of anyone at that company; the lady I spoke to seemed very sorry but never once said that she would let anyone know, or check anything, or do anything to help fix the problem with the food. She just seemed to have been taught to try to make me, the customer, happier by apologizing and offering me a refund and some coupons. I kept restating the same question over and over in different words: Do you have any explanation as to what is going on – and – when, if at all, it will be fixed? No answer.

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