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Learn a new way to help your dog relax when you make a calming lavender dog collar with a little help from Wendy Nan Rees, LTK's own Two Minute Dog Advice columnist.

Sergeant’s® Vetscription® Calming Collar for dogs helps with the following stressful situations:

Before you put-on the SafeCalm Collar for the first time watch the BIG CHUCK MCBRIDE video, " Walking Your Dog the Correct Way" so you know how to walk and what to correct:

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The Calming Collar has been discontinued but we highly recommend the Thundershirt™ for dog anxiety. If your dog is dominant, high-energy, high-anxiety, or hyper-active watch the video for difficult dogs, If your dog attempts to get the collar off, correct and keep walking, never correct and stop. The key is to walk and correct until you get the desired result: a perfect walk. Watch the introducing the SafeCalm collar to difficult dogs video below:

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Of course the choice to use a head collar is up to the individual; however, if you’re a dog trainer, it’s helpful to know why a head collar might be useful and how to use it more skillfully, beyond the basics described above. The number one reason I recommend head collars to some owners is that a head collar can level the playing field for owners who have mediocre timing and speed. Because the owners are able to guide the head, they can more easily get their dogs’ attention. The use of a head collar can greatly speed up the process of training dogs to focus on their owners and perform fun, polite behaviors instead of reacting to other dogs, people and stimuli. When used correctly, a head collar can even help control anxious dogs so that they can calm down enough to focus and take treats.

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Many years ago, I attended a dog training conference where a veterinarian was lecturing about the effects of pheromones on dog behavior. I remember scratching my head and thinking pheromone therapy was some type of woo woo stuff and it didn’t work. Thankfully, I kept digging into the topic. If you’ve never heard of pheromone collars or other products before, allow me to introduce you to the world of calming pheromones for dogs. I’ll also answer whether or not pheromone collars work!Lavender and chamomile are known calming scents for the nervous system and are emitted from this calming collar. Not only will your dog be calmed by the floral scents, he’ll smell good too!