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AUBURN - An overheated dog was rescued from a vehicle at Auburn Plaza Wednesday after a passerby spotted the panting pet and called police. The owner was given a $150 citation.The German shepherd mix named Chloe was in obvious distress when police officers and Animal Control Officer Aimee Contois arrived at the plaza about 1 p.m., police said. They located the owner of the car and the dog, Nancy Willard of Spencer. The dog was removed from the vehicle and is expected to be OK, Police Chief Andrew J. Sluckis said.The temperature inside the car, despite the windows being slightly open, was estimated at 101 degrees in the shaded area of the car and 120 degrees where the sun was hitting, the chief said. The dog was wearing a rope leash, which was caught on the seat belt, restricting its movement and access to water that was in the front seat, the chief said.Ms. Willard was given a civil citation.Chief Sluckis said he was frustrated by the incident, given the amount of publicity given to the dangers of leaving children and pets inside hot cars. Chloe had been inside the car for at least 40 minutes, he said. Ms. Willard was apologetic and admitted she'd made a mistake, the chief said.

What is the difference between the speed of the car and the speed of the dog?

A man inside the stolen trailer told police about stealing Martens' car and dog. Brie was with him in the trailer, and Martens' car was found nearby at 102nd Avenue and Stark Street.

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DIY Car Seat Hammock for a Dog. Protects your car and keeps your dog safe. Additionally, the Rogue Dogue comes with a ramp that deploys from the rear of the compact crossover to help your furry friend enter the cabin, while an integrated dog shower and dryer prevents the cur from dragging dirt and mud into the car. Notably missing from the Dogue, though, is the 4Dogs’ cargo-area screen and two-way camera that lets our European human and animal counterparts keep tabs on each other during the drive.

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A. Dogs who have difficulty with car rides usually fall into one of two categories: those who have "}">motion sickness and those who have a fear of riding in the car. To prevent these problems from happening in the first place, it’s best to get dogs accustomed to car rides when they are still puppies.

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Designed just for dogs, this water bottle keeps your canine companion well hydrated on the go. With just a squeeze of the bottle, the attached dish fills with water at an inviting height for dogs to drink. The adjustable velcro strap lets you attach the bottle to a backpack, belt, or wrist. Fits any standard car cup holder! Perfect for those dog lovers who are always on the go.Easy way to dog proof your SUV. We got those puzzle piece exercise mats at the five below store and cut them to fit the back of the car. Weather tech did not make a mat that went behind the driver and passenger seats only the second row so we made our own. Much cheaper.