For the dog!! Hammock style car seat cover.

It's made of a polyester material that is completely waterproof. Trust me, we've tested this quality many times, and this hammock style dog car seat cover will keep your upholstery completely dry. As I explain in my video review, our chocolate lab, Saddie, loves the water. We can't keep her out of it.

DIY CAR HAMMOCK FOR DOG | Practicing pet safety with a DIY car hammock

The unit has four adjustable points of attachment using parachute buckles (4 at $2/each) and webbing bought by the yard (4 yards total, about $1/yard). By attaching two to each end, the padded piece would hook to the four car headrests making this safety and dog comfort device literally, a hammock.I attached the webbing by sewing it in place to each end of the hammock, liberally spacing it as I went so that there was plenty of adjustment room.

Split Rear Car Seat Cover For Dogs - Hammock Option - Black Regular

DIY Car Seat Hammock for a Dog. Protects your car and keeps your dog safe. Before we got a dog hammock, we mostly just put trash bags down in the back seat, and then we put towels over the trash bags. Not only was it a huge hassle, but it was also really awkward for Chewie. The trash bags made noise when she moved around, which kind of freaked her out during the already-stressful experience of a car ride.

Kurgo Heather Hammock Gray Dog Car Seat Cover

Dog car hammocks are available in stores but they are usually thin and slippery. By making it yourself, you can customize yours to address these concerns. Thus, you have a dog hammock that fits your car and your dog perfectly.

Good2Go No-Fur Zone Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover, 58" L X 59" W

This is the best top quality pet car hammock seat protector covers with extra length coverage that you should have in your car for your dogs or cats …DIY car seat cover for dogs--hammock style keeps them from jumping into the front and keeps them from hurting themselves if there is a sudden stop...and keeps the hair out of the car!This is the best top quality pet car hammock seat protector covers with extra length coverage that you should have for your dogs or cats (2015 and …For this reason, and because we’ve had such an incredible experience using dog car hammocks ourselves, dog car hammocks will be dominant in this list of the best dog seat covers.