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ll dogs have to go for a car ride at some point. Most enjoy going for joy rides with their owners, but some only get in the car when it's time to go to the vet. Whether your pooch always rides shotgun or he only goes in the vehicle when he has an appointment, having the best seat belt for dogs is a must, all for the safety of your dog and anybody else inside the car.

The PupSaver is the only crash tested safety car seat for dogs up to 45 lbs!

* Can I carry more than two (2) dogs in a double cage and is it safe?
~ MIM Safe - Variocage Double Models have only been tested with two dog dummies. If you have smaller dogs you can transport them if they are all small enough to fit comfortably in a larger MIM Safe - Variocage. In fact, it is better that smaller dogs in a larger cage have les room to tumble around in in the event of a crash. Transporting two (2) smaller dogs in a larger cage is better than putting One (1) smaller dog in a larger cage. However, if you put a small terrier breed in a Double XXL Cage by itself, and have a crash, the potential for harm is greater. Again, a single dog in a smaller cage is better than a single dog in a larger cage. Our cages are not that big that it would work for more than two (2) of the larger breeds.

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If you’re here today looking for the best safety harness for dogs in cars, you’re at the right place! A few companies have taken notice and aim to provide a new generation of car restraints. To build the Clickit Utility, Michael Leung, owner of , and his team did extensive research. About taking that first step to bring a safe car restraint for dogs to the market, Leung explains, “It is a big challenge to design something that will protect your dog. It is an unknown expense. You can be working for years and years, and you might not have anything. That’s the risk we took.”

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Cars were not built to offer a safe ride for dogs. They weren’t even built as a safe ride for babies and young children, which is why we strap them into car seats, which limits their mobility, has been extensively tested per government standards, and is required before you drive away from the hospital with a newborn. Our furry babies, on the other hand, often roam around our vehicles or sit, unrestrained, sometimes with their head out the window. We don’t put our children’s life at risk while in a vehicle. Why do we do it to our other babies, our dogs?

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