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Cats, on the other hand, thrive on food rich in fats and proteins derived from meat. These nutrients comprise much of the content in store-bought cat food. Dry cat food also contains some plant or vegetable matter, mostly for the sake of kibble cohesion and integrity. Wet canned cat food, on the other hand, has a great deal of water as well, which, combined with a high concentration of meat-based nutrients, provides a typical cat exactly what she needs. Why do dogs like cat food? Probably because its contents are different enough from what they normally eat that it has the attraction of novelty.

Overconsumption of cat food can cause health problems for dogs, including:

Treatment of cat food allergy in dogs is basic. Treatment methods are few and far between, with the one method being to not allow your dog to ingest anymore food that is meant for felines. Treatment methods are:

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A simple limited-ingredient diet for dogs or cats with food sensitivities A: Although your cat getting a nibble of Halo dog food from time to time isn’t bad (our dog foods are supplemented with proper amounts of taurine for cats), I definitely don’t recommend routinely feeding them food formulated for dogs. Cats (as strict carnivores) require higher levels of protein and fat than dogs and Halo foods are designed accordingly. Halo dog food just doesn’t have the right balance for cats to reach their optimal health level.

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Should I use a plastic storage container for my cat or dog’s food?
Many cat and dog owners like to transfer their cat or dog’s dry food from the bag to another container. Studies by Hill's® packaging engineers have shown that storage in a variety of plastic containers (garbage cans, zip-to-close bags, garbage or, kitchen bags, rubber/plastic containers, plastic pails, etc.) may impart an odor and taste to dry pet foods that adversely effects the taste of the food. Zip-to-close bags, garbage and similar bags will also not prevent fat from accumulating on the outside of the bag. Storage in clean metal containers (small metal tins, metal garbage cans, etc.) is acceptable. If you do prefer using a storage container, keep the food in the original bag within the container to create an ideal storage location.

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