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Some dogs are brave. They decide they need to make a change in their lives, such as taking back what’s rightfully theirs. That’s what this furry pup did, and look how well it worked out for him. He has his bed back! He has plenty of space to roll around and kick his legs as he dreams. The cat, on the other hand, is none too pleased about this change in plans.

cat takes dog bed

From the eyes to the posture, this dog is not standing for this injustice any longer. Her owners were gracious enough to buy her a lovely, comfy new bed from the pet store. Before she even got to settle down on it, the two cats had already plotted to take it over. She’s not sure if she’s going to have to bark or pounce, but she’ll get her bed back somehow.

There are no dog beds, there are just cat beds and cat beds only

Bula the cat keeps taking the #LLBean dog bed - so it was monogrammed with a note for Bula. From Facebook fan Laurelin S. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this list of 31 cats that have made a dog’s bed their new favorite place to rest. These pictures are both adorable and hilarious at the same time.

"Jerk" Cats Stealing Dog Beds - YouTube

Most of the time, when a dog gives up his bed to a cat, it’s not because he wants to. It’s because he has to. Cats have claws, scratchy and sharp. They also have teeth, pointy and ready to bite. A dog knows better than to mess with that. Well, except for this dog. He’s tired of having his bed taken up by a feline. He’s taking it back and the cat is letting him…for now.

Cats love cozying up in small spaces

Those glowing cat eyes are full of fury and pleading. The cat knows this isn’t his bed, but that doesn’t stop him from caring. Even though they both have matching pink harnesses, this cat and dog duo do not get along. The dog has taken back her rightful place on the bed. The cat is looking at his owner wondering how this could have happened. Who needs a dog bed? Certainly not this feisty feline, who decided the best seat in the house was on top of the dog. As for the tolerant canine? He just wants to go back to sleep, preferably without the extra weight of an unwanted cat on his back. We have a feeling it will take a lot to tear apart this unlikely duo. When the owners brought a new bed home, of course it was going to be a footrace to see who could get there first. This jolly black dog was just taking his time and enjoying his day. He wasn’t aware he had to compete for his bed. The cat knew much better, which is why she’s dreaming away against the plush cushions. This dog is at his wit’s end. He’s tried to be patient with his owners, who brought a new kitten home a couple of weeks ago. They’ve been cooing and loving on this new pet. This loyal golden retriever has been with the family for years, though. Not only is the cat taking away his owners’ attention, but now the cat’s stolen his bed, too! Enough is enough!