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Cats are often more finicky than dogs, and their nutritional requirements are more complicated. Cats need a considerable amount of vitamin A, which they cannot biosynthesize from carotene, as dogs and humans do. Insufficient amounts may cause loss of hearing, as well as problems with skin, bones, and intestinal and reproductive systems. Cats also need taurine. A feline lacking taurine can lose eyesight and could develop cardiomyopathy. Commercial pet food companies often add taurine obtained from mollusks. James Peden found vegetarian sources of both taurine and vitamin A, plus arachidonic acid, another essential feline nutrient. He then developed veterinarian-approved supplements Vegecat™ and Vegekit™ to add to his recipes. These recipes are probably the healthiest way to feed cats a vegan diet at this time.

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Put cat bowls on elevated spots like counters, cat trees, or the washing machine so they're out of reach of nosy dogs. When the cat's food bowl is next to a preferred sleeping and lookout spot, your cat also will be less likely to graze from the floor level dog dish.

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In conjunction with this investigation, the Center wanted to determine if pet food contained rendered remains of dogs and cats. Cats don't need carbohydrates -- but they do need water. If a cat eats dry dog food on a regular basis, they get plenty of carbs and relatively little water. Cats, in general, have a relatively low drive to drink water (perhaps because of their origins in drier parts of the Earth). Cats that eat too many carbs can quickly become overweight, and cats that have too little water can develop urinary tract problems.

Some cats and dog's are really funny when they are begging for food

While cats will sometimes take a nibble from your dog's bowl, the reality is that dogs are more attracted to cat food than the other way around. That's probably because cats are more tuned into the smell, taste, and texture of food.

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