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We’ve written before about using Softies treats cut into smaller pieces as training treats (and the pliable treats make great plugs in a KONG stuffable toy). Both Irie and Tiki love them (we haven’t told them they’re treats for small dogs) so we were very interested when we heard that the company was releasing the new Cesar Cookie Crunchies.

cesar® canine cuisine offers delectable entrées and dog treats for the dogs you adore.

Mars Petcare Inc. offers Cesar Canine Cuisine treats. They are for small dogs, and are available in soft and chewy textures, in three flavors: Filet Mignon, Grilled Chicken and Prime Rib. Each treat is seven calories, according to the company. Product of the Year USA chose the treats as its petfood category winner for 2010.

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Cesar Softies treats for dogs are deliciously soft and bite sized. With a savory aroma and tantalizing, mouthwatering taste, these Dogs can't resist that fresh-off-the-grill taste in our gourmet dog treats! That's why we made CESAR SOFTIES Grilled Chicken Flavor Treats for Dogs, the deliciously soft, bite-size dog treat featuring savory poultry flavors. CESAR Treats for Dogs are only seven calories each, making them the perfect training treat or anytime snack. Pet parents choose our bak

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Greatly appreciate the information. My dogs eat mostly dry kibble, but every now and then they get a special treat and they love the Cesar meals.

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It must be tough to be a dog around the holidays. You smell all these delicious treats cooking up and aren’t allowed to indulge whenever you want. You have to resort to dog food for nourishment. Well, dogs of all ages, agonize no more. Cesar Millan has some fresh fall recipes that are sure to be a hit with your pooch – and they are safe.My dog is a small Chihuahua so when I saw Cesar Softies Dog Treats which are formulated specifically for small dogs I had to buy a pouch for him. Actually, I got him two pouches - one of the Prime Rib and one of the Medley variety. They also come in Filet Mignon and Grilled Chicken.

Both flavors were a hit, but the Medley was the clear favorite. He enjoyed the combination of flavors (Porterhouse Steak, Grilled Chicken, and Bacon). The treats are nicely sized for his little mouth and since they are soft they are very easy to chew. Perhaps they are too easy since he always seems to inhale them ultra fast and then look at me sadly to give him more.

The treats come in adorable shapes which I really like. There are tiny little paws, bones, and hearts and they are absolutely adorable!

These do tend to dry out rather quickly as I realized when the pouch zipper did not close completely one night. My dog, of course, still ate them but if you want to be sure to keep them soft you may want to transfer them out of their original pouch.