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I used the plans on and built my dog a dog run VERY cheap and easily! It was the best decision I've ever made. To my family and I, it just made economic sense to build a DIY dog run. We spent a fraction of the cost of buying an expensive pre-built one that just have to be assembled anyway...why pay inflated prices for material? The guide on that website is so very easy to follow and it doesn't matter if you're a total beginner like us. We were on a very small budget and found so many wonderful plans for our dog was hard to pick just one, but the one we chose is terrific! We actually built the one that is featured on the website's homepage. Our dog finally has the dog run we've dreamed of and it was VERY affordable!

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One problem with some other items like this one are the wide gaps, which small dogs can often use to their advantage, but not in this one. Gaps in here are approximately 2 inches, so your Fido will not be able to stick out more than a nose. Customers overall seem to be very happy with this purchase; however, given its higher price, when it comes to cost-for-value ratio, it's possible that the best option would be to go either slightly cheaper (#3) or slightly more expensive (#1) for the best result.

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And the price was the best we've found for a quality crate