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Oh, and Simone is spot on about some mom & pop places being cheaper than Petco or Petsmart for the more expensive brands. In Los Angeles we have a store called Red Barn Feed that has a few locations throughout LA. Their prices are already a few dollars cheaper than the corporate stores, plus you can print a coupon off their website for $5 off a $40 purchase. Stacking this with the coupon I get in my monthly subscription to Wellness brand’s newsletter enables me to save $10 or more on a 26 lb. bag of dog food every time I buy one.

Feb 17, 2016 - HUGE $9.99/1 Purina Pro Plan Coupons ~ CHEAP Pro Plan Dog & Cat Food

Our adult dogs now eat 4Health but I’ve looked at the Purina one. We got our first dog as a family 20+ years ago. We had NO idea about different foods then. She was a gorgeous husky mix and she was 7 weeks when we got her. She ate Ole Roy her entire life. She died a couple years ago, 5 months shy of her 18th birthday and besides going blind and deaf the last year or so, had no health problems. We tried some premium foods with our now 3 and 10 year old cattle dogs, One had vomiting and bloody diarrhea on one food, horrid gas on others and the other never had good stools on others we tried. They do good on the 4Health…great stools, look great…but our 8 month old puppy has had nothing but runny poop and disgusting gas on the 4Health puppy. All the money we’ve spent the last few years on dog food….I keep thinking about how we had no problem on cheap crappy walmart food for almost 18 years. I bought Purina One Puppy tonight to try and If she does good on it…we may stick with it.

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Jun 2, 2014 - Get Purina Dry Dog food for $6.99 each & Cheap Turkey Breast & Chek Drinks I am at a loss as to what to do. I have purchased Orijen, Wellness, Blue Buffalo Life Essentials, Natural Balance, Innova (before the recalls thank goodness), EVO (also before recalls) Merrick, Solid Gold and our dogs don’t like any of them. My husband brought home Purina Healthy Morsels and they tore into the bag and ate like they were starved! What??? I’ve had to add meat to the good foods to even get them to touch it and yet they love the taste of this cheap food that is bad for them. Anyone have a logical explanation for this? I certainly don’t want them eating this cheap food that has all the bad ingredients in it. Have any of you found a 4 star food that your picky dogs eat well? I’m absolutely stumped as to what to do. Thank you for any suggestions. rypke1
P.S. The Purina dog food my husband brought home that night was NOT for our dogs. Our neighbor had ask him to pick it up for them and our dogs tore open the bag and got into it. It was not our intention to let them eat this.

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Don’t forget about the great deal on Purina Beneful on Saturday 8/16 that we posted about. You can get those for $1.25 per bag with the start of the new sale flyer and the Target coupon. . It’s a great week for cheap Purina Dog Food at Publix!

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