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Hi everyone, me and my husband have recently become pet parents. We started with just one small Chihuahua, I spent hours researching a safe and good quality dog food. Orijen has a lot of positive reviews, haven’t seen any recalls. They did have a recall for their sister company Acana in 2011. Anyways, our Chihuahua eats so little we can afford the high price Orijen. Well now we adopted a shepherd mix and she is going to get big. I have been debating on whether to down graded our choice in dog food. However, I still can’t seem to find a food that I feel comfortable with, maybe natural balance. My point is I am going to stick with Orijen as long as I can afford it. I am feeding the little one Regional Red, but we are going to switch to the Adult food which is poultry and fish and 15 dollars cheaper. I have been researching stores that carry Orijen in our local area to find any deals. We will see how our shepherd likes the Orijen puppy food.

PetFlow, and Amazon -- all with great success and cheaper prices.

does not contain the fillers of cheaper dog foods, Orijen is often promoted as being hypo-allergenic. Orijen is one of the leading brands of quality dog food available and prides itself in sourcing only the best ingredients with no harmful additives or additional chemicals. Orijen dog food does not contain harmful fillers such as wheat, corn or soy, which are commonly used in cheaper dog foods and which usually cannot be digested by a dog. Dogs that have gluten allergies or difficulty digesting will be able to easily consume Orijen Original Dog food, and will likely find the food delicious.

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Whole meats, fish and fowl provide protein and fats, organs provide vitamins and minerals and cartilage and bones provide calcium and phosphorus. The mix of these ingredients in Orijen is designed to provide all the nourishment that dogs need for peak health, whatever their breed, lifestyle or age. The high ratio of nutrient dense meat, organs and cartilage reduces the need to add synthetic ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are commonly found in some cheap dog food that contains a high proportion of high carbohydrate grains or plant proteins.

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The ingredients look great to me...I mean there are a lot of good brands out there ...Orijen's kibble seems more meatier, maybe a bit softer and the high protein content is very different than what I've seen in other foods. It's claim to fame is that dogs wouldn't naturally eat rice or barley or oatmeal and that most foods use it as cheap sources of protein. Get some samples and try it out. If Tango does well on it, then it's a good thing! But I think one of the things you have to look for is where it's a huge factory or a small one....look what has happened to Menu foods....the ingredients in a lot of the 'holistic' dog foods are not too cheap; especially in Orijen because of the meat in it.Quality doesn't come cheap. While there are very few downsides to feeding your dog with this high-quality food, Orijen is harder to find than some other high-quality dog foods and it's fairly expensive. , another well-regarded grain-free kibble costs substantially less, though it has less meat content and a recall record that while good, is not quite as spotless.