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DIY Dog Food! I made my dogs homemade food with white rice, boiled egg (with a little crushed egg shell for calcium), carrots, shredded chicken, and blueberries. Perfectly nutritious diet! You can switch out what meats, fruits, and veggies you use so they don't get bored. Always keep the rice and eggs for their carbs and protein!

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This is a particularly good recipe for most dogs because it uses organic chicken, vegetables, rice and other healthy ingredients for your homemade dog food.

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How to Make Chicken & Rice Dog Food | Dog Care - The Daily Puppy Homemade dog food is far better than peanut hull and vets always prescribe a bland chicken and rice recipe for those dogs who are sensitive to canned food or dogs that are unwell and undergoing treatment.

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I happened to mention to the vet one day that my dog wouldn't eat her meals straight away but would take a few bites, leave it for a while and then take a few more bites during the day until she finished it at the end of the day. This is a problem when I try to give her the monthly flea control tablet which has to be taken after a full meal. I try to give her variety in her meals to try out the perfect meal that she will eat straight away, but it doesn't matter what I feed her - different brands of commercial dogfood, homemade dogfood with tuna, beef or chicken, organic loaf, dogfood out of a health shop - she never eats a meal straight away.

The vet asked what I normally gave her. Her normal meal at that stage was ground beef or kangaroo meat, with flaxseed oil, chopped liver or kidney and brown rice. I also gave her raw bones a few times a week and a bowl of grain-free dog biscuits to snack on during the day. The vet was shocked and said she should never have red meat or offal, as this was inflammatory, but that I should only feed her chicken or turkey or other white meat. I should also never give her bones as these would cause her teeth to splinter and her to have dental problems. I should also give her raw fruit and veges and only organic top of the range biscuits from the vet, which of course was in a small packet and very highly priced. I walked out of there feeling like I'd just been abusing my dog all this time.

I tried what the vet said and changed her diet to chicken and turkey only with cooked carrot and kale and other veges. I stopped her giving her bones and tried her on the organic biscuits. Every day for nearly a week she left both her wet and dry food bowls mostly untouched. She took to sitting on the floor at my feet begging as I ate my own meals, which she'd never done before. After nearly a week I couldn't stand her big sad eyes anymore and gave her back her red meat, bones and offal - which she gulped down like she'd been starving. Which she had. Now I don't mind if she takes her time eating her meal - as long as it's gone by the end of the day I'm happy. I accept that she's not a 'food' dog and won't gulp down her meals straight away like other dogs. I tried the expensive organic stuff and the white meat, but in the end she told me herself what she wanted.

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